Thursday, September 08, 2011

And then, on the seventh day, she napped once more

After a week of napless days, Eleri finally had herself a 2.5 hour snooze this afternoon. I'd taken the kiddos out to play in the rain in the late morning, and they frolicked and stomped and splashed and giggled. We picked up some lunch and brought it back home, and as we ate, Eleri's head got heavier and heavier, and she started rubbing her eyes more and more. I decided to put her in bed just to have a bit of rest, and she ended up falling all the way asleep. Huzzah!

Of course, then she was wide awake at bedtime tonight and didn't finally conk out until after 9:30. Criminy. We can't win.

We have had a whole lot of rain here this week. After the lass woke up from her nap in the afternoon, the 3 of us suited up in rain gear and braved a trip to the grocery store. We were nearly soaked clean through just getting to the car. The thunder boomed and crashed outside the whole time we were shopping, and there were a couple of scarily close crackly flashes of lightning as we were getting back to the car afterward. Yikes! We made it home safely though and hunkered down for the evening.

Well, almost. I did skip out for a quick run before dinner. I was really hungry, so I wanted to just get 2 miles done as quickly as I could feasibly manage, and I ended up beating my personal best time for that distance, finishing up in 18:23! As much as I dislike running (I'll admit, it's growing more tolerable) it's always gratifying to beat a speed or distance record.

All right. Off to bed. Photos from the last few days will hopefully go up tomorrow.

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