Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Snippets

I thought of some more things I wanted to write about!

Remember when I said we'd gotten a bunch of rain a couple of weeks back? It was actually several days in a row of rain. Ever since we got caught out in a rainstorm at the park with A and his mom, Soren has been begging to go outside again and play in the rain. So I finally relented, put the kids in swimsuits, and took them over to the big patio area by the condo complex's community center. They splashed and giggled and had themselves a grand old time.

* * * * *
This past Thursday, we checked out a new (to us) park over in Annandale, since we had some errands to run over that way. Unbeknownst to me, they have a farmers' market at this park, on Thursday mornings as it turns out. I had no idea, so we ran our errands first and ended up arriving just as the market vendors were packing up to leave. Might try to check it out this week though. :)

When we got to the park, there were lots of signs indicating the way to the pavilions, athletic fields/courts, amphitheater, even the dog park, but not a one for the playground. I took a guess and headed in one direction, eventually spying a play structure through the trees. It was all I could do to convince the kids to eat some lunch before going to play, but they gave it a decent effort. When we made our way over to the playground, I was a little surprised. I'd just read, that morning, a fairly recent review of this park, touting in particular the nice, relatively new "tot lot." This playground, however, sported one kind of crummy play structure, on a bed of muddy mulch littered with garbage, surrounded by a broken fence. Not exactly the stuff of glowing reviews. But it was a beautiful day and the kids seemed to be having a fine enough time, so we hung out a bit.

Eventually I coaxed them away by suggesting we check out the big multi-use field. There were some kids kicking a soccer ball around, so we went to see if they'd want to play. Oh man, did my kids have fun tearing around the huge field! It was pretty cute. Soren, of course, made friends instantly, and Eleri just kind of followed the rest of the kids around for a while before finding a ball of her own to kick about.

While on the field, I just so happened to look over and notice...there was another playground! Much newer, by the look of it, so we trucked over to check it out. Eleri (as is her custom) immediately asked to play on the swings, while Soren explored. He came back and did some swinging, then took off again and declared he wanted to go up the big cylindrical climbing wall thing. I told him to go ahead and try; it was 7 or 8 feet tall and I didn't expect him to be able to make it to the top by himself.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

He scooted up the side like a little monkey. I ran over to spot him as he neared the top, and he was proud as could be once he got up there. It was a little tricky helping him figure out how to get down, but we both managed. By that point I got Eleri out of the swing and we all explored a bit more before Soren declared himself in need of a potty break. So we made our way to the bathroom and then headed home.

* * * * *
Last Tuesday, we were also at a park. (We do that a lot.) There was a little boy there who had brought some of his Transformer toys. Not being well versed in the Transformers universe, Soren kept trying to make Optimus Prime the bad guy. Hehe. The other little boy was all bewildered. "No! That Op'mus Prime. Not bad guy."

* * * * *
Eleri's been continuing along on the one-nap-per-week plan. Last week she skipped Thursday but melted down when we were on our way to pick up Soren from preschool on Friday. Passed out in the car, then stayed asleep on my back for another 20 minutes or so. It wasn't that much of a nap though - perhaps not enough to fill her weekly quota - and she took another one on Saturday. The new norm has taken some getting used to (two kids awake all afternoon), but it's been pretty great to have drama-free bedtimes for the most part. Drama-light, at least. ;)

During the day, she gets a little overcooked sometimes, which is not a huge surprise. A little chill-out/reset time in her bed has been pretty effective though, so that's good. She even asks for it sometimes, on the rare occasion that even she realizes she's getting overwhelmed. "Bed? Water? Johnson? Lie down?"

* * * * *
I shouldn't be too surprised, since she hears it from Soren several thousand times a day, but Eleri has already started with the "why"s. Not as much as Soren does, of course. And not about every little thing. Mostly so far, it's just if she's told "no." I don't remember Soren asking why he couldn't have or do something, just getting upset. It is, at once, a source of both amusement and chagrin, for me. Hehe.

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