Sunday, October 30, 2011

Jiggity Jig

Home again! I am really glad Tom insisted we come back on a Saturday so we'd have a day to recover before jumping back into our routine. Last Sunday we did just that - sleep in, lounge around in pjs, catch up on Tivo, do our grocery shopping. I'm back on the meal-planning bandwagon, so I'm hoping I can stay organized and make things a little easier for myself. Also back on the exercise bandwagon, so I swam some laps in the afternoon.

Monday it was back to work for Tom and back to preschool for Soren. The lad was thrilled to get back to his class. So happy to see his teachers and friends, excited just to be back in his classroom. It's adorable. After school we went to A's house to visit and play. The boys were of course very happy to see each other, and even Eleri was jazzed to see A. (He, on the other hand, is not quite sure what to make of her, most of the time.) We visited for a few hours, then went home to make dinner. In the evening I ran & rowed (on the treadmill & rowing machine, respectively).

Tuesday I got my act together as far as getting all the vacation laundry (and some pre-vacation laundry) done & put away. Dishes, cleaning, general chores around the house. We ran a couple of errands & hit the library to replenish our supply of Signing Time DVDs for the kiddos. They sure do love their Signing the afternoons. After dinner I did some more lap swimming.

Wednesday! School and mall walk. Except that it was another gorgeous morning, so we walked at the park instead. Eleri was starting to come down with a little post-vacation cold (no doubt the result of trying to put the ENTIRE AIRPORT in her MOUTH), so we didn't play too long at the playground. After we picked up Soren, though, her nose seemed to have dried up quite a bit, so we stayed at the rec center playground where Soren played and played with A and another of their friends from the Zoom Around the Room class they took months and months ago. They had a good time. Eleri was wiped out afterward, so she took a nap while Soren & I made pizzas for dinner. When Tom got home, I went to the barn to go exercise Vanya for N. It was a weirdly foggy night, with big patches of mist hovering just above the ground. Made for kind of a neat and spooky drive out & home. N happened to also be out at the barn, tending to her other horse, and she was able to give me a neat exercise to work on with Vanya. I had a really nice ride. Yay!

Thursday I did more cleaning around the apartment while the kids chilled out with some Signing Time. Soren probably could have done with a bunch of gallivanting at the park, but Eleri was still not feeling so hot. Plus, she had been up for a while in the middle of the night, so she and I were both pretty tired. We finally made it out of the house late in the afternoon for a grocery run, but by evening, I was too whooped to exercise. Boo.

Friday I got some sad news. My great-aunt Julie had passed away overnight. Funny, brash, always ready with a wink and a story, she was in a class all by herself. Here she is at her 80th birthday party with her life-size Brett Favre cutout (she was ever the sports fan):

Hers was, at least, as peaceful a passing as you could hope for (in her sleep, happily ensconced in her favorite flannel doggie pajamas), after a long and very full life. I'll miss her, but I know she wouldn't want me to be too sad.

We ran some errands after picking Soren up from school on Friday. It started getting chilly this week, and I realized that most of Soren's long sleeved shirts are not exactly too small, but they don't really provide adequate coverage for the cooler temperatures. So we went shopping for some shirts in the next size up. We also picked up some things from the craft store to put the finishing touches on his Halloween costume. He wanted to be a pilot (of the airline variety), which was conveniently quite easy to put together. He already had the black slacks, white shirt, black tie from the suit we bought him last year (it still fits), and I picked up a pilot hat for him. All he needed were some epaulets for his shirt, so I got stuff to make them. They're the wrong color - traditionally the epaulets are black with yellow stripes, and his are going to be yellow with silver stripes - but I don't think anyone will notice or mind. ;) The best part is that all the talk of epaulets has implanted the word firmly into his vocabulary, and it's pretty hilarious to hear a 3 year old say, "Do you like my beautiful epaulets?" Hehehe.

In the evening I had my weekly riding lesson out at the other barn. Which made ride #2 for the week. And I got to go on a nice long trail ride with N again this morning (Sunday). Lots of horsing this week! Hurrah!

I don't have a ton to say about Saturday (I was a lazy bum for most of the day, though I did go out briefly in the afternoon to get my hair cut), but Tom did say that Soren was way more engaged in his soccer class this week. He played the whole time, whereas up til now he'd been getting bored about halfway through and just kind of dribbling the ball off by himself. I'm glad he seems to be enjoying the class. :)
One last thing and then I swear I'm done (because, holy crap, it is late and I need to go to bed!). November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Basically, if you decide to take on the challenge, you're supposed to write X number of words/pages every single day, and at the end of the month - bam! - you have a novel. I've been completely intrigued by this idea for several years now and would someday like to do it but, alas, I fear I have too many irons in the fire this month, what with trying to get Eleri's Christmas stocking finished, plus some other projects that I'll be writing about later. But! I'm going to embrace the spirit of NaNoWriMo and try (very hard) to make a point of blogging every day in November, even if it's just a sentence or two, in an attempt to get myself back into the routine of writing here way more regularly than I've managed these past few months. So you can (hopefully!) look forward to that. :)

All right! To bed. Have a good night, all.

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