Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vacation blogging!

If you were to ask Soren, he would tell you that we woke up in the middle of the night to leave for our trip. He's not too far off; it certainly was still dark out when we got up to catch the 6:30 metro shuttle. It was to be a very long day.

Getting to the airport was happily uneventful. Everything was running on time, so we were soon aboard our plane. We were fortunate to be able to trade seats with people and all sit together on both flights, which was helpful. Eleri was able to switch laps at will and even sit with Soren on his seat for a little while, which worked out way better than having to be confined to one seat with one parent. She wasn't completely without complaints, but things went way, way better than I had feared. Yay!

We made great time to Denver and actually landed so early that they didn't have a gate available for us. So we sat on the tarmac for a while. It wasn't too hideously long, but it was long enough for Eleri to fall asleep. Whoops. It was probably for the best, but she ended up staying asleep all through deplaning and most of lunch. We eventually had to wake her up to eat. ;) Then we were delayed almost an extra hour while they made some repairs to our next plane. We made many, many trips up & down the moving walkways so the kids could burn some energy. Eleri was pretty darned cute, just trotting along down the middle of the walkway. Hehe.

At long last, we were able to board and be on our way to Phoenix. All the running around at the airport must have done something, because Soren nodded off while we were waiting for our turn to take off. Eleri kept petting him and trying to give him some of her water. It was quite adorable. :)

Upon landing, we got our rental car & made our way to my sister's house. Soren bounded out of the car, excited to see my parents. Eleri, despite having not seen my dad in a full year, apparently recognized well enough him from Skype, since she immediately gave him a big hug. So sweet. Before too long, it was time to head out again.

One of the reasons we chose this week to come here is that last night was the world premiere of the documentary Mitchell 20. The documentary features my sister and 20 of her colleagues from the school where she used to teach 4th grade. (Yes, I can do simple addition. Despite the title, there were actually 21 teachers featured in the film.) One teacher, who had achieved National Board Certification herself, encouraged 20 of her coworkers to attempt the same, which is no small challenge, as it turns out. So after a long day of traveling, I left a very tired Tom with the kids and went out with my parents, sister, and brother-in-law to watch the film. (In case you didn't know, I have a pretty great husband.)

The movie was really quite interesting. I won't do it justice with a description, so you should just click the link above and check out the trailer. These teachers did an amazing thing, and I'm super proud of my sister and her colleagues.

My parents offered, as we were returning home, to hang out with the kiddos in the morning when they woke up, so Tom & I could get a little extra sleep. So when Soren woke me up this morning, I took a glance at the time and took him downstairs to visit. I was a little surprised by how dark it was outside at 7am, but I didn't give it a ton of thought. I was pretty tired. ;) I came back upstairs but didn't end up falling back to sleep, so when Eleri woke up about an hour later, we both went back downstairs.

Thirty more minutes passed, with the kids and my parents happily playing together. At that point, my mom handed me her iPhone to show me something, and I noticed the clock at the top read...5:30. Augh! My iPod was still set to Eastern time, and I had taken Soren downstairs to my folks at FOUR IN THE FRIGGIN MORNING! Daughter of the year, right here, that's me. They assured me it was fine, they were happy to have some extra time with the wee weasels, but I still felt pretty bad about it.

So it's been another long day so far for all of us. ;) We did take the kids over to a fun indoor trampoline place and then had a tasty lunch at the Chinese Cultural Center. Since then we've just been lounging at home, and tonight, Tom & the kids & I will be going to Mary Laura's for dinner. I am hopeful that the little rascals will sleep rather a bit later tomorrow morning. ;)

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