Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bye Jenny :(

Hard to believe Jenny's spent nearly 3 weeks with us! It's gone by really quickly, and we've all enjoyed having her around. She's heading out early tomorrow morning and will be continuing (somewhat sporadically) to blog about her travels - you can follow along here.

Yesterday Eleri was sounding quite a bit better, so we braved a trek through the rain to the zoo in the morning to check out the Small Mammal and Ape Houses. It was pretty neat. Those were the two houses I still hadn't been inside, so it was cool to finally get to see them. There were lots of interesting critters in the Mammal House (tamarins, mole rats, elephant-nosed shrews, meerkats, an armadillo, and many more), though the kids were a little manic and more interested in running down the corridors than looking at everything. Ah well. The gorillas were also pretty amazing to see, in the Ape House. One of them was right up against the window the whole time we were there, face-to-face with us. It was really something.

This afternoon we went to the American History Museum. Jenny wanted to check out the First Ladies exhibit (which had been closed the last time she'd gone to the museum), so the kids & I hung out in the little interactive kid zone/play area while she did that. It was a blustery walk to the museum & back to the car, but fortunately not rainy. We managed to score a parking space right on Constitution Avenue, so we had a nice stroll along the edge of the Mall. (Well, there was more hustle than a stroll implies, but you get the picture.) I hate to say it, but even with all the holiday traffic, it was kind of nice to just drive into the city rather than deal with the whole production that is taking the metro with the kids. Not so very environmentally friendly of me, but oh well.

Tom got out of work early for the holiday weekend and made delicious orzo with salsa cruda for dinner. Yum. I managed to drag myself to the gym afterward (Hey ML! I'm up to a mile and a half on the erg, clocking just over 12 minutes! I'm sure that's actually pretty pathetic, but it's quite a step up from where I started, just a couple months ago).

Anyway. The kids were super sweet saying goodbye to Jenny tonight before bed. They're going to miss her (we all will), but I know we'll all look forward to reading about her travels. She's off to New Zealand next month; I'm so jealous! It's been great getting to know her better, and I know we'll stay in touch.

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ml said...

2k in 12 minutes is good! keep it up! also nice work on the swimming the other day too!