Sunday, November 13, 2011

Double feature

Since I yet again didn't get a post up yesterday, I'll do a double post today.

Date Night! Huzzah!

Yesterday, Jenny headed into DC to check out some museums & see the sights. Soren had swim class in the morning, and then after lunch Tom and the kids watched a soccer game while I had some glorious time to myself. I picked up this book (about drawing) from the library several weeks ago, since I have been interested in improving my drawing ability for a while now. So I took advantage of my available quiet time to work through the book a bit. I discovered a heretofore unrealized affinity for drawing with a charcoal pencil. (It's really fun!) After an hour or so, I worked on Eleri's stocking for a little while. It's coming along - slowly, but I think I'll just barely get it done in time for Christmas - and I'm enjoying it. Jenny returned from her outing, I went to exercise at the gym, and then Tom & I got to go out for dinner by ourselves while Jenny watched the kids! Yay! It was really nice. (I mean, duh, of course it was nice.) Tasty food, tasty beers, good times. (And no loud live music.) ;)

It's all happening at the zoo

We had a lazy morning. After lunch, Tom took the kids to do the grocery shopping, and then after they got back, we all went to the zoo! Tom hadn't been yet (we just never seem to get around to it on the weekends), so he enjoyed it. It was chilly, so a lot of the animals were hiding indoors. We got to see one of the elephants pretty close-up (she was breaking apart and eating a pumpkin), and one of the pandas was making laps around the indoor panda habitat. Eleri was super excited about the panda; every time the it came into view she would shout, "HI Panda!" and give a huge grin. It was adorable. Sadly, we didn't realize until too late that all the buildings close early this time of year, so we missed out on the Small Mammal, Ape, Invertebrate & Reptile Houses. Oh well. We will have to return again soon. They had set up most of the Zoo Lights displays, and I'd really like to check that out this year.

We were really hungry by the time we headed home, so we decided to pick up pizzas for dinner. Nom nom nom.

And with that, another weekend's in the books. Tomorrow it's back to work, school, and routine.

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