Friday, November 11, 2011

Frigid Horse-a-palooza

It was a cold and windy day today! Brr! Happily, Tom was able to accompany us for preschool drop-off this morning. It was nice for him to get to see Soren in his element at school. Then he did some grocery shopping while I took Eleri to her class. She was even more clingy than usual during the running-around parts, but she really loves the singing and coloring. And bubbles. And when the teacher handed out stickers at the end of class, Eleri said a nice and clear "thank you," which may have been the first time the teacher's heard her say anything.

We came home, Tom started chili in the crock pot, and then I went back to pick up Soren. Lunch, a bit of downtime playing with the kiddos, and then in the afternoon I took Jenny along to the barn. Well, barnS. First we went to exercise N's horses. It hadn't gotten any warmer by afternoon, but at least it wasn't quite as windy out at the barn. Then we went to the other barn for my lesson. Where it was even colder. My teeth were actually chattering when I was waiting to mount. At least once I was on the horse I warmed up fairly quickly. There were eight people in my lesson tonight (eight!) which is really a lot for the little indoor arena. Everyone did a fairly impressive job maintaining spacing and not killing each other.

Anyway, it was the most horsing I've done in a long while (lunge one horse and ride two, back to back to back), and it was pretty fun despite the cold. Tom's chili and cornbread were a most welcome delight when we returned home for dinner. And then he made stuffed puff pastries for dessert. Hell yeah.

All right, off to bed.

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