Thursday, November 17, 2011

Greetings from the TB ward

So much for my "post every day this month" plan. I've also fallen way behind (like, four or five days!) on my daily kid pictures. Oh well. I'm ready to just call this week a wash and try to get back on track next week.

It's been a bit plague-y around here. Eleri was sick last week, and then of course Soren caught it. Lots of snot, and lots of hacking. His cough was about at its worst on Monday, though fortunately it's improved since then. Tuesday we were home almost all day, with one brief library trip to keep the madness at bay. Yesterday and today were rainy days, so we're going on four days with no playground excursions or time spent running around outside for either of the kids. It's not a huge surprise that they're becoming maniacs.

Yesterday (Wednesday), I ran a 5k on the treadmill in the evening, the first one under 30:00 in a while (just 40 seconds under, but I'll take it). This morning Jenny and the kids and I drove through the drizzle up to Annapolis, where it was cold and very quiet, but neat. It's an interesting historical site, with quite a few original buildings from the 17th, 18th & 19th centuries. Soren desperately wanted to go on a boat, any boat, or a raft, or a dinghy, or pleasepleaseplease that boat over there? I had something of a death grip on his hand as we walked along by the waterfront, where there was of course not a guard rail in sight. We walked and walked, got some tasty crepes for lunch, and were back home by early afternoon.

I left Soren and Jenny to play at home and took Eleri back out with me to do some grocery shopping. She's gotten so much grabbier at the store, and I made the mistake of parking her too close to the pasta sauces while I was looking for noodles. Crash! I was lucky she only managed to knock down one jar, but ugh. Not our finest moment. She fell asleep on the drive home, stayed asleep through being transferred to the stroller in the blustery 42 degree afternoon, and then continued sleeping in the stroller for almost another hour, while I made dinner and Soren played not very quietly in the same room. Tired girl!

I went and rode Vanya this evening. It was another really chilly night at the barn, but we had a good ride. Vanya's an interesting horse in that he is not shy about letting me know when I'm pissing him off (usually by getting into a tug of war with his mouth), so he's helping me remember to ride with softer hands even when I don't have an instructor there to remind me. It's not ideal, because of course I should be good enough to not piss him off in the first place, but at least I'm not likely to continue making the same mistakes all the time.

Anyway, that's about all I've got for now. Yawn. Off to bed.

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