Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Guest Post by Soren

I'm just going to take dictation for Soren for a few minutes. Let's see where this goes.

* * * * *

What are you writing? Can I help you do your blog post? You should write about me falling in the parking lot and hurting my head. On January. (whispering) January, February, March, April, May, June, July.

Now my question is gonna on December I'm going to fall and hurt my head on the um, uh, the TV! Break my head on the TV. Because it's very sharp! The TV. Is very sharp.

Now I'll say...that...I'm...a squirrel! Dressed up, as a...ocean! I mean, or a...plane?! Can I have a fire hat? So that I can put out the fires? A real one!

Can I have a camera? Please? To take a picture of you.

I would like to write the blog post with you. I'm going to type whatever you say. Whatever Ellie says.

(Taking over typing.)


(That took about 10 minutes. He's really amused by holding down the keys and then saying things like, "Oh no! That's too many Fs!" I'm resuming typing control.)

A control tower radio can tell that cars can stay off the runway. And only planes can go on the runway. Baggage trains can move the baggage around, so that they can put it in the plane. (Who drives the baggage train?) Uh, workers. I mean two workers of the airport. I'm gonna push the little dot (period).

Can you type what I say? Can you give me a push the caps you want to get upper case or lower case letters? Okay, caps it's off. Now lower case letters.

Um, oh gums! (He means vitamins, which Tom just brought over.) Can you let me push one button?


Let's talk about...a fire engine. That it has a big ladder. And also firefighters go in it. Nothing else. I want to only talk about it. Sometimes they go in the midnight...and June-July are nights...and also February, March, April, May, June, July are nights. Yes, it's night for all those months. On November and December are nights too!

(Misc. noises and sound effects.)

Can I, uh, what were you typing? What's that? Why were you typing that? I like to (make sound effects).

Yes, we're about done. Can I have some yogurt? Uh, I mean, can I have...can I push a button? One button. Called...would you like upper case letters or lower case letters?


We're about done? No, we're ABOUT done. I'd like four stuff to say. I mean, I want five minutes. My five stuff.

1) A fire engine has a ladder.

2) A mail truck has mail.

3) A truck with a fire hose can spray stuff out.

4) A truck with deliveries can deliver stuff to people. Like cans, to play with. And little stuffs to cook with. And nothing else.

5) A thing that crashes into another car...has...broken a car! Let's push the dot.

* * * * *

Well that was fun. ;) Good night, all.


Shannon Kealey said...

Another author in our midst! This had me cracking up.

susan said...

I'm definitely going to have to do more of these. Hehe.