Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy Halloween!

And happy November! As is my sporadic custom, I have once again fiddled with the blog template. Just color & font changes this time. When I was in the dorms at college, I rearranged my room at least once per term; it's less reasonable to rearrange a whole apartment without a really good reason, so now I just tweak my blog design when I'm feeling that itch to change everything around. ;)


Yesterday, as you know, was Halloween. Soren had a parade and party at school, so Eleri and I stuck around for the first half of the morning to watch and take pictures. The lass is still not feeling super great, but she was an incredibly good sport to just chill in the stroller the whole time, in costume no less (one minor meltdown, quite a bit of distraction-by-ipod). She was wearing the puppy dog suit Soren wore last year. Soren was delighted by all of the Halloween goings-on. This was the first year he really picked out his own costume. The decision process went something like this:

"Firefighter! Ooh, no, UPS man. No, a pilot! No! A mailman. Yeah, a mailman! No, maybe I want to be a pilot after all. Yes, definitely pilot. Pilot!"

(Paraphrased, of course, and condensed...we were looking at costumes online, and he more or less wanted to be everything the first time he saw it...hehe. But he started with firefighter, and in the end it came down to a decision between mailman and pilot.)

Anyway. It was very much a DIY costume situation, since we kind of waited til the last minute, and of course the pilot costumes in his size were only available online, and the shipping cost almost as much as the costume itself. So instead we found a pilot hat for $9 and free shipping (thanks, Amazon Prime!), and you already know about the making of the epaulets.

The preschool parade was just about as cute as you could imagine, and Soren was thrilled to show off his outfit. The parents were invited into the classroom afterward, for a couple of songs, and then about half of us stuck around to help with the games. Carnival-style stuff at a toddler level, pretty danged adorable. And then they all got to dance around on a tarp, stomping saltine crackers underfoot to the accompaniment of "The Monster Mash." They got goodie bags and got to go trick-or-treating through the front offices of the rec center. It was very exciting.

After school, we took it way easy so Eleri could get some rest. She ended up actually taking a nap and slept for a good 2 hours. Soren watched some Fireman Sam while I worked on putting together this plush alphabet for Eleri. It's a bit of a cross-country joint craft project between myself and FarmerMegan; I cut out all the squares and drew the letters, and now I'm going to mail them to Meg, who will do the sewing and then mail them back to me. Fun! Eleri was still asleep by the time I'd finished, so Soren & I put together the little $1 wooden sailboat kit we'd picked up at the craft store last week. It was messy (there was painting involved) but he seemed to enjoy himself.

Tom got home and finished cooking the dinner I'd started, while I went to the gym. Run, row, run, blagh. Very tiring, but a good workout. After dinner, Soren & I went trick-or-treating in our building while Tom & Eleri stayed home to hand out candy. We only went to 3 floors, but there was a surprising lack of participation among residents. (People here indicate willingness to have trick-or-treaters by hanging an orange flyer on their door, and ours was the only orange flyer on our entire floor.) But it was just enough trick-or-treating for a little dude, and then we came back home and handed out candy to other kids. Soren stepped up as primary candy distributor, still wearing his own costume, so that was very cute. At one point, a group of middle-school boys came by, and they were all oohing and aahing at Soren. One of them said, "Aw, you're so cute! You don't have to give me any candy. Here! I'll give you some candy!" and reached into his bag to put a pack of M&Ms in our bowl. Which was strange, but kind of adorable at the same time. Not your standard early-teen boy behavior.

Miraculously, we managed to keep our kids from ingesting a ton of sugar right before bed (they actually only had one piece of candy each) but there was still a bit of the whole spin-up-and-melt-down thing happening. Not too much, happily. And then they both slept really well all night. ;)

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