Monday, November 07, 2011

Out & About

Since there was no school today, we met A and his mom at Fort Ward Park late in the morning. We were joined by another family we know, and the kids ran themselves in circles for about two hours. Then we continued on our way to give Jenny a brief tour of Old Town. We parked down by the waterfront and checked out The Torpedo Factory, which is one of the local art galleries. It's actually made up of a bunch of individual stalls, each housing one or two artists' workspace and small shop. It's kind of a neat setup. And yes, the name comes from the fact that the building housing the gallery was indeed originally a manufacturing facility for torpedoes, mostly for WWII. (Neat summary of the building's history here.)

Both the kids were rather entertained by the big free-for-all chalk wall right at the Torpedo Factory's entrance. Eleri was at a bit of a disadvantage, sitting in the stroller, but she scribbled gamely for a bit and then decided she'd like to try tasting the chalk instead. (It was quickly deemed "asgusting.") Continuing on into the gallery itself, Soren of course wanted badly to touch everything and kind of flop around, which is not precisely the best practice in the stalls housing glass sculptures or $4500 original paintings. He was genuinely interested in a lot of it, though, which I'm glad about. He just needs a setting more agreeable to his tactile 3 y.o. nature.

We did make it through all 3 floors though. Soren was maybe the most excited about the elevator, which was huge and contained several big rolling carts. Hehe. After we finished our tour, we continued on our way and walked through several blocks of Old Town. It's about as historical as things get, architecturally, around here, so it's always neat to wander and look around. We fully tuckered out both kids, though. Even though Eleri didn't have to do any walking, I guess she'd worn herself out at the park, because she passed out in the stroller on the way to the car. Soren nodded off before we were halfway home. Hehe. It's always kind of nice when silence falls over the back seat of the car. ;)

I know I haven't been posting pictures here lately, but I have still been taking them (almost) every day. One of these days I'll get caught up with posting again. One thing at a time, for now.

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