Sunday, November 06, 2011

Puddle of failsauce

Heh. Well, I'd say a few days in a row of blogging is at least an improvement over my posting frequency of late.

We've got a house guest for a little while - Jenny - a friend of Marcy's from England. She's in the middle of a bike tour of the US and is spending some time in DC, checking out the sights. The kids are already very big fans of hers, and we've had a nice time visiting in the evenings (hence the couple-day posting failure).

Friday we did end up staying at the playground for about an hour after Soren's school day was over. So that was good. The kiddos had a nice time running and playing. Soren especially loves playing with the kids in the two 4 y.o. classes (they stay an hour later than the 3 y.o.s, so they're out at the playground after Soren's class gets released), so he was extra happy about the opportunity to do that. Our guest arrived later in the afternoon, and then I went to my riding lesson. It was a cold evening! Brr. Decent lesson though, so that was good.

Yesterday was quite a busy one. Soren had soccer in the morning, followed up by swimming, and then we all went to a birthday party for one of his preschool friends. Jenny made us a fabulous lasagna dinner, which Eleri polished off with her usual gusto. She'd been eating less well while she was a bit under the weather, but the past few days she's been back to her usual level of gustatory enthusiasm.

Today the kids woke us up at their normal hour. Minus one, of course, because we've reverted to standard time. So we were all up and at em at 7 rather than 8. I remember when the Fall time change meant sleeping an extra hour that first morning. Now it just means we get our morning chores done an hour early. ;) I dealt with the laundry, went to the gym (ran 20 minutes, rowed 10, ran 10 more, total of 5k running and 2k rowing), all before lunchtime! After lunch, we took the kids to the park, where they ran and ran. Now we're getting ready to have dinner with Max, Agnes & Alice, giving Jenny her first glimpse of DC proper. Should be a fun evening. :)

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