Monday, November 21, 2011

Round & round it goes

So, Eleri gave her cold to Soren. She got better while he descended into Snotland. Now he's on the mend and Eleri is back to hacking and being a snot faucet. Oy. I forsee a long and disgusting winter ahead of us.


Let's see, weekend. The weekend went by really fast. Did a bunch of chores, watched some television, generally took it easy. Sunday evening Jenny watched the kids again so Tom & I could go have another dinner together. Two dinners out in two weeks! We are incredibly fortunate.

Soren's liking his swim lessons and getting more comfortable with the water each time. Eleri would desperately like to take lessons too, but I'm having trouble finding any that are scheduled at a reasonable time. Might just have to wait until Spring, but try to take her to the pool here more often in the meantime.

Oh, I forgot about Friday. On Friday, Soren's class had a little music performance and cookie reception at the end of the school day. It was super cute, all the little dudes & dudettes sitting and singing Thanksgiving songs. Afterward, I let Eleri out of the stroller, and she enjoyed the heck out of herself, playing in the classroom. I took some video, which I will eventually get around to uploading.

Later in the afternoon, we went to the park. The days have been getting colder (and wet, more and more often), but the park is always popular, even if a few extra layers of clothes are required. ;)

Ugh, poor Eleri. She keeps waking herself up, crying a bit, going back to sleep, repeating the cycle. I suspect it's going to be a rough night. Perhaps I ought to get off the computer and try to rest while I can.

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