Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Two days into November

Not a lot to write about Tuesday. Laundry, brief excursion to the park, dinner, swimming. I will say, of our trip to the park, that the kids were incredibly cute playing together so nicely. We hung out for about an hour and had the place to ourselves. I'm sure Soren would have preferred to have some more company, but sometimes it's awfully convenient to have a ready-made playmate. Eleri was enthusiastically following along with all of Soren's firefighter games. They were running together back & forth across the basketball court. At one point they were (giggling all the while) collecting sticks and putting them in a big pile.

This morning, we dropped Soren at school and then did our Wednesday walking. It was pretty brisk out when we started, but it warmed up reasonably fast. Soren had a good day at school, but Eleri was rockin' the green snot a bit, so we skipped the playground again. I'll be glad when we can hang out and play after school once more (and I have no doubt the kids will be glad too). Poor El, despite still being a bit under the weather, desperately wants to run and play and wipe her snotty nose on everything. She's on the mend though, so I'm really hopeful that by Friday they'll get to hang out at the rec center playground.

In the evening I got to go back out to the barn and ride Vanya. I sure do like being able to do that on a regular basis. There's a lot this horse can teach me, and it's a lot of fun in the process. :)

* * * * *

Just a bit more from the annals of Eleri cuteness. When she's playing peekaboo, she says, "Wheeeere's Mommy? There it is! Mommy." Similarly, when she's looking for something..."There it is! Book." or "There it is! Leo." And, in the same vein, she also says, "I see it! Doggie." or "I see it! Daddy." I'm not sure where she picked up this particular construction, but it's adorable.

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