Saturday, November 26, 2011

What once was lost

About a month ago, I lost my wedding ring. It was a completely stupid, mundane, if befuddling sort of thing. I had gone riding in the morning. Took my rings off to ride, as I always do. Put them back on before driving home. Got home. Did a huge overhaul cleaning of our bedroom closet, which involved tossing out a huge garbage bag of junk that had accumulated in there. Finished up, looked down at my hands, noticed my ring was missing. And it isn't all that loose on me right now, so the idea that it would just slip off my hand and I wouldn't notice is a little unbelievable. I was a little afraid it had gotten somehow yanked off my finger with the garbage bag when I was throwing that away, but I still held out hope that it would turn up eventually. Almost every time I went into that closet (it's a small walk-in) over the past month, I've looked around a bit for it. No luck. I'd of course switched my other ring to my left hand, but it still feels really off-balance to only have a ring on one hand when you're accustomed to wearing them on both hands. I also tend to fiddle with my right-hand ring as a nervous habit, so that naked finger was another constant reminder. It really bummed me out.

Last night, Tom was looking for his iPod (which had gone missing after the kids had been playing with it...this happens from time to time, but we were having a tougher than usual time locating it). Out of desperation, he lifted up the couch to look underneath it.

"Oh. There's your ring."

I thought he was kidding. I scoffed, even. But indeed, he had found it! How in the hell it got from our bedroom closet out to the living room and underneath the couch - or how it even fell off my finger in the first place - is beyond me. But what a relief to have it back!

And then Tom found his iPod in a bin on a shelf this morning. So all's well that ends well. :)

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