Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just keep stitching

I've been working on Eleri's Christmas stocking, almost every day, for the past several weeks. Usually it's just an hour or two after the kids have gone to bed, but sometimes I can get them to play together long enough to let me get a little bit done during the day. It's coming along! I should actually be able to finish it before Christmas. Probably. Hopefully.

I've also been knocked flat a bit this weekend with some kind of nasty bug I picked up from the germ-riddled weasels. So huh-freaking-zzah to that. I suppose it's better to be sick on the weekend when Tom's around to help with the kids, though. And with any luck, I'll be on the mend again soon.

Otherwise, lots more of the same around here. Oh, I set up a Twitter account for Eleri (check it out in the sidebar), since she's getting more talkative and hilarious, and not just repeating things that she hears. Soren continues to be a happy, happy lad at school. We're all excited about our upcoming trip to New York for Christmas.

All right, dinner time. Have a good one, all.

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