Thursday, January 12, 2012

Guess Who's Two!

I know. Not going to take many guesses. It's Eleri!

The lass celebrated her birthday on Sunday with presents, a special trip out with Daddy to run errands and pick up lunch, an outing to the park with Soren and me in the afternoon, and delicious birthday brownies after dinner. She had her 2-year doctor visit yesterday, which she did not enjoy; similarly, she was less than thrilled about her trip to the dentist last week. But she's growing well - 74%ile (28.5 lbs) for weight, 87%ile (35") for height - and has healthy teeth and aside from a bit of persistent fluid in one ear, she is in tip-top shape.

I took both kids to the library for story time this morning. They were extremely well behaved, sitting quietly on the rug, paying attention to the stories and songs. I was very impressed. Then we had a good two-hour chunk of fun time with friends at the park in the afternoon. The rest of the day was...trying. But tomorrow is, as always, a new chance to start fresh.

It has been a crazy week here, weather-wise. Monday was chilly in the morning, and then we got snow in the afternoon. Snow! Not a ton of it, but enough to play in and take neat pictures. Observe.

Tuesday was a bit warmer (enough to melt all the snow and for us to be quite comfortable walking around the zoo all morning). Wednesday was about the same temperature, maybe a skosh warmer, but very rainy. And then today it was sunny and nearly 60 degrees in the afternoon! Tomorrow we're supposed to have a high of 40 again. Crazy fluctuation, I tells ya.

Tomorrow is pajama day at Soren's school. He is very excited about this. I question the wisdom of scheduling pajama day in the middle of winter, but I'm sure it'll be fine. And yes, I'll get photos.

That's all she wrote for now. More again soon.


Anonymous said...

"State your problem" ?

Grandpa J

susan said...

It's a "Super Why" thing.