Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2012, everybody. So far so good? Hope so!

I've got lots and lots to catch up on, here. I was finally organizing my digital photos this morning, and I had stuff as far back as October 23rd to go through. October 23rd! That just might be the furthest behind I've ever managed to get. But, no matter. The process has begun, and the first batch of photos from our recent trip to New York is up on Flickr. (Spoiler alert: the kids are just as cute as ever, if not more so.)

Some things to look forward to in the new year:

- The (third? fourth?) annual year-in-review post
- Photos! Duh!
- Videos (seriously, I have a bunch to post)
- Tales of hilarity and adorability

So...yeah, pretty much the same as ever. Just hopefully more of it, again. I did manage to finish Eleri's Christmas stocking - in time for Christmas, no less! - so my evenings have freed up dramatically. I'm hoping to get back on a more regular blogging schedule once again (I know, I many times have we heard that one?). Fingers crossed, anyway.

For now, I'm going to try to get a bit of sleep before the wee ones invade our bed. They'd been doing pretty well sleeping most or all of the night in their own beds, but then we went on vacation, and vacation screws up everyone's sleeping routines. So it's been crowded again these past couple of nights. Not for too much longer, with any luck.

Good night, and good tidings in 2012. :)

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