Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cute things the kids say/do (that I haven't already put on Twitter)

Soren calls pretzels "prentzels" (see the N in there?). He also says "reg-lee-yer" instead of "regular," which I find amusing because it's basically a mirror version of the nuclear/nukyular nonsense.

The kids play this game that basically involves them (pretend) cold-calling people to ask if they need any construction done. About half the time they're pretending to call 911, inquiring of the dispatchers, "Hello? Anybody need any construction? Please leave a message. Okay, thanks, bye!"

Sometimes in the mornings, if the kids have been particularly good about staying in their beds all night, we'll ask them, "Did you sleep and sleep and sleep?" Eleri has sort of mixed this up a bit, because lately she's been asking us in the morning, "Hey! Did you wake up and wake up?!"

On the "equally cute and irritating" list, we have Soren with his endless Fireman Sam games. There's a little theme that plays whenever the characters on the show are going to a rescue, and Soren hums this CONSTANTLY. Anytime you ask him to do anything, it becomes a dramatic rescue situation. "Hey buddy, can you go put those pajamas on your bed and get some socks out of the closet?" "Duh, duh-duuuuuuh! Na nanana-na, na nanana-na!" (42 seconds into the video) Eleri, by the way, usually calls the show "Fire-Sam" but sometimes says "Fireman Sammy" instead. (As in Grandpa Sammy.)

Soren used to say munch instead of lunch. Eleri's never done that, but for some reason she does refer to the "Monkey Preschool Lunchbox" iPod app as Monkey Preschool Munchbox.

That's all I've got for now. More soon.

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