Monday, February 13, 2012

Emailing it in

I keep wanting to write about some fun stuff from the past few days, but I keep not getting around to it and then remembering after I'm done with the computer for the night. And previous attempts to post from my iPod have not been super successful, so I've given up on that. But. Tom reminded me about the capability to publish via email, which in theory shouldn't be victim to all the glitches I've encountered when trying to use Blogger in my iPod browser. So I'm going to try that. Which means I'll have to add photos later. And probably links too. But hey, better than nothing.

So, Friday was a pretty exciting day for Soren. After El and I picked him up from school, the three of us drove into the city and met Tom for lunch. After lunch, Soren got to go back to work with Tom for the rest of the afternoon. He'd been begging to go to work with Tom for weeks, possibly even months, so this was extremely thrilling for him. He insisted on wearing his "work clothes" (his suit and tie, though I did talk him into corduroys instead of slacks), which was pretty damned adorable.

So that was fun.

Saturday morning I went to a Zumba class. You wouldn't think this was such a clever idea for a self-confessed clod such as myself, but Zumba classes, it turns out, are surprisingly clod-rich environments. And the general lack of coordination and grace of most participants is a non-issue because everyone's having a good time. It's not like a real dance class wherein the clods stick out and are abashed into quitting. So yay! It was quite a good workout, and it beat the hell out of running on the treadmill.

This weekend Tom & I got to take our turn on the date night rotation schedule thingamajig we've got set up with A's parents. So they watched our kids, and we got to go out. I persuaded Tom to check out this TopGolf place with me. It's a driving range, but there are targets set up on the range for you to aim at. And the balls are all microchipped, so they can tell (most of the time) whether you've hit a target, and a little video screen keeps track of your points, etc. The claim, per the website, is that the driving bays, though outdoors, are heated, leading one to believe going to a driving range on a 36-degree evening in February wouldn't be a completely insane idea. This claim, we quickly discovered, was exaggerated, but we had fun anyway. Cold fun, but a nice diversion. And once we'd played a couple of games, we retired indoors for some beers and rather outstanding burgers.

Sunday morning, holy crap was it cold. In the 20s, I'm pretty sure. I went out to the barn to exercise Vanya, and despite wearing 4 layers above the waist, I never broke a sweat. Brr. Pretty good ride though. Not as much fun as a trail ride, of course, but N wasn't there and the ground was frozen anyway. Thank goodness for indoor arenas on days like that.

Sunday afternoon I helped Soren make Valentine's cards for his classmates. It's...not one of my greatest strengths, trying to keep him from goofing around so much that he doesn't actually accomplish anything, but without micromanaging all of the fun away. I do try. It's definitely not easy for me. But in the end he had valentines that he'd made almost entirely on his own - they were very simple, construction paper hearts, cut out & glued to unruled index cards, and then he wrote his name on the backs - and I had at least some of my sanity still intact. I'm willing to stick that one in the "win" column.

All right. I'm tired. Good night!

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