Thursday, February 16, 2012

If our belly buttons fall off, what?

For several weeks now, Soren has been asking what feels like hundreds of hypothetical questions per day. These questions usually take the form of, "If [hypothetical situation x], what will happen?" For example, if we're driving somewhere in the car, he might ask, "If another car crashes into our car, what will happen?" About half the time he'll just drop the last two words, ending his question with "what?" Sometimes I really struggle to come up with an answer for him. And half the time, there's a follow-up "Why?" waiting in the wings. I love that he's curious, but some of his hypotheticals are completely random.

Tonight when we were snuggling after story time, he asked, "Mommy, if our belly buttons fall off, what?" Uhh, they won't. "Why?" They can't, they're attached to us quite firmly. "But if they did fall off, what?" Little goof.

Unrelated but also funny, he was helping me with dinner tonight. We were making pasta with garlic shrimp & veggies, and I was letting him help me season the shrimp & peas. He'd already added the minced garlic, and I had the salt, pepper & paprika out on the counter. Eleri chose this moment to need some attention, so I told Soren to hold on a sec while I tended to her. My back was turned to him just long enough for him to get the top off the paprika, and I turned back around just in time to see him finish emptying the entire (very small) jar into the bowl. It was startling, but I managed to remove a fair bit of the paprika mound and adjust the seasonings so it wasn't completely overwhelming. Still quite a tasty dinner in the end. Afterward, he told Tom "I did lots of 'prika!" Yes buddy, you sure did.

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ACJC said...

If our fingers turned into toes, what?