Saturday, February 04, 2012

Year in Review - 2011

Here we go again! Time to review another year.

  • Eleri turned one! (Oh good lord, look how tiny she was!)
  • I did quite a bit of griping about butting heads with Soren (lordy, has it really been going on that long?)
  • We got our new computer, which I used to make some videos (yeah, remember when I used to do that?).
  • We were sick off & on throughout the month. Oh yeah, and I fell on my face. Again.

  • I didn't do much blogging in February. I did recap 2010. Ooh, meta.
  • Soren started getting really good at sounding out words.
  • We made it out to the zoo and several parks, despite battling rivers of snot through much of the month.

  • In March I was a bit more industrious about blogging regularly. Let's see. Soren stopped wearing diapers overnight. And I posted one of my favorite videos.
  • Here's a fun post wherein I compared monthly photos of Soren and Eleri as babies. D'awwwww.
  • I started the 30 Days of Blogging thing. (I should really go back and finish that, eventually.)
  • Also this month, Eleri got weaned, and I did battle with the local Social Security office. Twice.

  • Yeesh, was I ever not sick last year? Well, at least in April we had some fun outings, and Soren & I got to have some one-on-one time in his "Magic Kitchen" rec center class.
  • Soren turned three!
  • We went on several fun playschool field trips.

  • Bwa-ha-ha. I forgot that I'd started the Hundred Pushups/Two Hundred Situps Challenge again this month. Will I never learn?
  • The little weasels had their first trip to the dentist.
  • Our balcony garden was off to a very promising start. (Too bad about the insect infestations of the late summer/early fall.)
  • Eleri made a very early first use of the froggy potty.
  • We continued our many, many playschool outings, and at the end of the month, we took our first family trip to The Big Apple.

  • Holy cow. We moved Eleri into Soren's room way back in June? I didn't remember that. We must have moved her back to the little crib soon after because...
  • mom came to visit this month. (And I don't remember Eleri sleeping in Soren's room when Mom was here.) I wrote this super long post about her visit, and my summer haircut, and Soren getting to take a pony ride (which made him the happiest boy ever).
  • And what would June be without my birthday? (Answer: Boring!) Last year I turned thirty.

  • Eleri had her half-birthday, and the boys got to take a (very, very speedy) father-son trip out west for Tom's brother's wedding. Here is another looooooooooong post about some of the fun we had this month.
  • I made a list of all the words and phrases our little 18 month-old chatterbox was saying regularly.

  • Man, skimming through this past year's worth of posts, I'm realizing that I never really got my act together. All year long. (Except for November, maybe? I guess I'll see when I get there.) Lots of insanely long photo posts, very little actual text on record. Sorry about that.
  • But hey, August! We rediscovered Stevenson Square Park, which has since become one of our very favorite places to go play. Also, Tom built a nifty little gate for the kitchen.
  • A few weeks later, we had our very exciting stove-splosion.
  • And let us not forget about the earthquake!

  • Busy month. Eleri decided to adopt a once-a-week nap schedule. I made oxtail stew for the first time (yuuuuum). We discovered Signing Time. The kids had the best time EVER playing in the rain. Oh, did I say busy month? That all happened in the first week.
  • Soren started school! And we were late on the very first day! D'oh. Also, Eleri introduced us to Johnson. And she started speaking in full sentences. (Yet another wicked long post here
  • And here is a very cute video of Eleri helping me read a couple of her very favorite books.

  • We went to Arizona and Oregon. Soren was a pilot (with beautiful epaulets) for Halloween. I posted all of five times this month. I am so lame.

  • British Jenny came to stay with us for most of November. The kids still periodically ask me when she's coming back. It was a ton of fun having her here, which is not the most expected outcome of having someone you barely know come and crash on your floor for 3 weeks. Seriously though, it was great.
  • I let Soren take over the blog. Thrice. (Okay, that last one was in December. But, you know, continuity.)
  • Eleri had a very bad day. Oh, those terrible twos.
  • See that picture up there? The one for this month? You probably don't recognize it, since it is one of many, MANY photos from November that I have not yet processed or posted. So hey, you've got that to look forward to. (All those other November photos, I mean.) You know, eventually.

  • Seriously, you guys? I posted TWICE in December? How do you even put up with me? Gah.
  • In my defense, we were pretty busy. Really, really busy, in fact. Marcy came to visit for a week, which resulted in an impressive DC. Seriously, we saw so much stuff. It was great.
  • I was also working tirelessly to finish Eleri's Christmas stocking (which turned out awesome), and we took our second trip to New York. We drove. And it was cold there! (In December? You're kidding...) Colder than we anticipated, anyway. But boy howdy did we have a great time.
  • We celebrated Christmas a day early, in order to accommodate said New York trip (when we went in May, we took the train; this time, we drove, and we headed up there on Christmas morning).
  • We lost poor Johnson (Eleri's stuffed bear). :( He got left at the hotel in New York, and - due to a very stupid mix-up about which I am still very irritated both at myself and the hotel staff - he got thrown away. I can only hope he was not actually tossed in a dumpster but gifted to some other kid who will love him. Eleri, miraculously, has taken to Johnson's "replacement" (a giant pink bunny she has named "Da-bunny") just fine.

So, I guess that about wraps up 2011. Will 2012 be the year I kick my blogging back into gear? (If January is any indication, it's not looking good...) I'll certainly try. And I'll try to apologize less about not posting often, because I do know that gets old. (How do I know? I just read through an entire year of myself apologizing. Eugh.) I can, at the very least, promise to periodically put photos up on Flickr and to frequently update both Soren's and Eleri's Twitter feeds. :)

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