Thursday, March 01, 2012

As we enter March

Hmph. I'm pretty annoyed with myself that I neither managed to write a blog post nor to take a daily photo for the kids on Leap Day. Ah well. Maybe next time.

(Or maybe not. Seems I didn't manage it four years ago either.)

Potty training is going pretty well. Not horribly, anyway. Aside from the "NO I REFUSE TO PEE BEFORE WE LEAVE THE HOUSE WAAAAAAAH" arguments we've been having, the whole process has been much less frustrating than I anticipated. So yay for that!

I did a bunch of extra riding this past week. I'm starting to make some progress with Vanya. When I was out at the barn last night, N said it was the best she'd seen me ride him yet. That made me feel pretty darned good.

I am drawing a blank as far as other stuff to write about right now. We certainly get up to a lot, but most of it is pretty mundane. Today's big excitement, for example, was 90 minutes of playing with Play-Doh this morning, followed up by me nearly giving Soren a black eye (I was exercising, with weights, and he ran up to me just in time to get clocked by one of them; fortunately, they're only 3-pounders), followed by an hour & change riding trikes with A at the playground. In between all the fun, there was a bunch of whining and not listening and refusing to use the potty. And today was pretty typical of how things have been going around here. Some outings, some whining, a little vegging out in front of Fireman Sam late in the afternoon while I make dinner. Adorable cooperative playing, punctuated by fighting and stealing of toys and meltdowns.

At least, for the most part, for every moment like this:

we get a few like this:

It works.

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