Sunday, March 04, 2012

Dispatches from the Potty Train: Next Stop - Backslide Junction

We were doing so well.

I was really optimistic that things were going to be easier with Eleri than they had been with Soren. She's both a girl and a younger sibling...aren't those both supposed to be easier? Alas, we've hit a bit of a wall and seem to have regressed back to square one. Maybe a bit further. Friday was fraught with accidents, both out and at home. Saturday we didn't really take her anywhere, so at least the puddles were confined to the home front. Today she did great while she was running errands with Tom, but it was hit & miss (mostly miss) at home.

We're now at two full weeks since we started potty training in earnest. When I say it that way, my concerns and frustrations seem baseless. Two weeks? Come on, that's nothing! So she's regressing a bit. That's normal. Tough it out, and it'll probably get better again in another week or two. (This is exactly what I'd say if it were a friend of mine griping about his or her kid's problematic potty endeavors.) A couple of times this weekend,, I was ready to just throw in the towel. Try again in another week, or another month, or maybe three months. She is barely two, after all. But I know she's GOT to be close to getting it. Even if it doesn't seem like it today. Maybe I'll look back three or four days from now and heave a sigh of relief, so glad we didn't quit. Maybe it will take another couple of weeks. Either way, it helps to remember that they do all get it eventually. Barring major developmental delays, everyone ultimately figures out that soiling oneself is neither socially acceptable nor particularly pleasant. We will get there.

To make matters trickier, the poor lass woke up with a sniffly nose this morning. Stress-induced cold? I'm not ruling it out, which of course makes me feel guilty. I suspect she'll sleep like crap tonight, which will make her even more fragile tomorrow. Whee.


I'm going to see about writing a book review and maybe resuming the 30 Days of Blogging posts. Going to try - once again - to get back in the habit of posting things here more regularly. Here's hoping.

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