Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Swimstress

Eleri had her first swim class this morning. It's a "Parent & Toddler" class, so I'm in the pool with her. Thus far, Tom's been the designated swim parent, accompanying Soren to his classes, but now it's my turn. The class is taught by a kid with the same name as my dad, which is kind of amusing.

Anyway, El has long yearned for access to the rec center pool, so she was giddy about starting swim lessons. She was a little clingy and intimidated by the swarms of people at the pool, while we were waiting for our class to begin, but as soon as we got in the water she was happy and relaxed. I'm fairly certain she didn't stop beaming until it was time to leave. She gleefully splashed and kicked her legs when instructed (and sometimes when not instructed). It took just a little bit of coaxing to get her to relax into a (supported) back float. And when it came time to practice jumping into the pool, she was quite possibly the most gung-ho of the group. Shivery though she got at times (the pool is a great temperature for lap swimming, but a little chilly for wee ones not exerting themselves too much), the class did seem to live up to her expectations. Which is great! I'm glad it looks like she'll enjoy this.

On the drive home, I gave Tom a quick call to see if I should pick up lunch. Eleri immediately started begging to talk on the phone, call grandma/grandpa, but it was too early to call the west coast (especially given the start of DST). So I told Tom to put Soren on the phone, and Eleri chatted with him for most of the rest of the drive. El's voice goes higher and higher in pitch when she's really excited about something, and she was downright squeaking as she told Soren about having a swim lesson and jumping in the water. It was hilariously adorable. I could hear bits of Soren's side of the conversation, and it actually was, for the most part, a real conversation. I think it was maybe the third time they've talked to each other over the phone, but it was definitely the first time they had real back-and-forth, asking questions and telling stories. Pretty freaking great.

Of course, the time change and the early exertion and excitement took a fair bit out of the lass, so she was fragile and brittle until we got some lunch in her and had her take a bit of a rest, but overall I'd say it was a very successful morning.


ml said...

Great that you are doing swim lessons! You can get little rash guard.shirts that help keep kids warm, and/or provide Sun protection!

susan said...

El's class is in an indoor pool, but we have rash guards for both the kids regardless :)