Sunday, March 25, 2012

That's our little sponge

We were out to dinner last night at Grillfish in DC with Max, Agnes & Alice. I was pregnant with Eleri the last time I went there, so it's been a while. ;) We were all enjoying our tasty grilled fishes when Soren made an observation about the decor.

"Those are Doric columns."

Indeed, there amid the crazy mural behind the bar, were a couple of Doric (not Ionic or Corinthian) columns. Max asked Soren if he knew which building has Doric columns, and Soren answered with a grin, "The Parthenon!"


The last time we were at the library, one of the books Soren grabbed in his "I need one more book" random grabbing of this or that off the shelf was one called "13 Buildings Children Should Know." He and I read through it, one or two buildings at a time, at bedtime a couple of weeks ago. And in the nights since, he's sometimes wanted to go back and revisit this building or that building. It's been amusing to see which things have stuck with him, which details have struck him as particularly memorable.

After dinner, we were taking a walk and saw a neat house with a spiral staircase. Soren said, "Hey! That's just like the staircase in Neuschwanstein Castle!"

Tee hee hee. That's our little sponge. ;)


*Desi*Ferguson* said...

What would you do if you had a "normal" child? Lol!

ml said...

So clever!