Saturday, April 07, 2012

And thus he begins his fifth year

Soren is four today! Holy cow. Somehow even though I knew this was coming, even though all his buddies have been starting to turn 4, I'm still a little taken aback. Four years. So much has happened, yet it's flown by at the same time. Life with baby Soren, living in Pasadena, working nights...all that feels so far in the past. Even moving here, just over 3 years ago, seems like it happened so long ago. Paradoxically, it also feels like we haven't lived in Virginia all that long. I can't really explain it, but I know you understand, because time's funny that way for all of us.

Enough with the navel gazing. It was a heck of a day today.

Soren woke up to the first few of his presents. Tom made chocolate chip pancakes for everyone while I skipped out to Zumba for an hour. (Gotta burn those calories, work off birthday cupcakes in advance, doncha know?) Then in the afternoon, it was off to the long-awaited, much-anticipated birthday party. This was the first year we've done a real party, so it was quite the to-do. Most of his preschool classmates were in attendance, plus a few other buddies we hang out with outside of school.

We started out in the soft play room at the rec center. Good gracious it gets loud in there with 12 screeching four year-olds, a couple of older siblings, plus three 2 year-olds. Very...very loud. But they had a great time and ran around like maniacs for a full hour.

Then we went outside for snacks and the aforementioned birthday cupcakes. Everyone scamped about on the playground for another hour. Soren got to try out his new scooter, which he graciously shared with his friends. Everyone, by all accounts, had a lovely time.

And then the presents. Fortunately, at this age, there is no expectation of a grand gift opening right there at the party, so we got to ferry the mountain of gifts back home and open them after dinner. It was quite the haul. I think even Soren was a little overwhelmed, pleased though he was. (And he was *very* pleased.) He got a lot of cool stuff.

Dinner was pizza, courtesy of Papa John. We enjoyed the rare (these days) treat of eating in the living room and watching some TV ("Unchained Reaction"). After gifts, it was time for books and bed. I'm hoping they both...heck, we all...sleep well tonight.

Happy birthday, Soren. I love the heck out of you, little man.

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