Sunday, April 08, 2012

Another pleasant valley Sunday

I got up and out super early today and headed to the barn for a morning trail ride. It was another gorgeous day, and the horses seemed happy to get out and play. It was a bit brutal getting up so early (it was still dark outside when I got out of bed) but worth it to be done and home by 10am and still have the whole rest of the day ahead of me.

I hopped off for a minute to pick some flowers for later identification. Nice view though, huh? That's the Potomac in the background.

Soren spent most of the day playing with his new birthday gifts. He got a couple of real Lego kits (up til now we've just had the much larger Duplo blocks), and I helped him build an airplane using one of the kits.

Actually, that's not true. He helped me build the airplane. And by "helped" I mostly mean "supervised." ;) No, he did help me a lot at the beginning, but it was a complicated build, and pretty soon he was just way more interested in ferrying the Legos from place to place with his dump truck. But then he played with the plane after I finished it. I really don't remember Legos being quite so complex when we were kids. This kit has a lot of really tiny odd-shaped pieces, which of course makes for nicely detailed creations (when you follow the step-by-step instructions), but I think it can also be a bit overwhelming. Fun, though, playing with real Legos for an hour or something. If we can keep them from getting just scattered far and wide, and thereafter, lodged in Tom's and my bare feet, I suspect they'll provide lots of amusement, particularly when it's too hot to go anywhere this summer.

Eleri's been enjoying the new toys as well. She has been...difficult, lately. Potty training success varies wildly, still. She'll have two or three great days in a row, and then it's back to accident city. And the new leading cause of accidents is the refusal to try & pee when prompted. The vociferous refusal. A simple, "Okay everyone, let's all go potty before we leave the house," devolves rapidly into an all-out screaming, flailing meltdown. It's...super fun. In case I haven't mentioned it, I am really ready to be done with the whole potty training thing. And the terrible twos thing, also. That'd be nice.

Fortunately our interactions are not universally negative. We have some good snuggles and play some fun games, sometimes. She doesn't seem to hate me, despite the fact that I am an evil monster who tortures her daily with elimination requests. I suppose that's something.

All right. The day's early start is catching up with me, so I'm going to get some shut-eye. Happy Easter to those who celebrated it today (we didn't do a single Easter-related thing, given all the birthday activity yesterday). Good night!

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