Thursday, April 12, 2012

Busy Day

We were running late everywhere we went today. Not that this is particularly unusual, of course, but I guess it's a little noteworthy that, despite *running late* everywhere, we managed to avoid actually *being late* anywhere. So there's that.

The first place we were running late to was the library. I've taken Soren twice now to the 3-5yo story time, which he thinks is pretty awesome because there are no parents allowed. Yes, parents are welcome to set up camp right outside the reading room for that half hour (and many do), but the kids are in there with the librarian by themselves. I bring the stroller, plunk Eleri in it with the iPod, and go browse books for myself until story time is over.

El (who slept until nearly 9:00 this morning, and in her own bed no less) pitched a nice little hissy fit there in the library, so we ended up having to hide out in the bathroom for a while. Good times. I was really hoping she'd be in a better mood today due to the extra sleep, and for a while in the morning she did seem all mellow & chill, but 'twas not to last. Ah well.

We returned home for lunch, and then the kids had doctor appointments in the afternoon. I sat down on the couch to read for a bit after lunch, lost track of time because the kids were playing so nicely together, and suddenly we were off and running (late, of course) to the doc's. We may have walked through the door there riiiiight at the appointment time. Whew.

Eleri was in for a re-check of the fluid in her ears (all clear!), and Soren of course had his 4 year-old well child visit. It was amusing; since they were both being seen by the doctor, both of them got weighed. Soren now only outweighs Eleri by about 7 pounds! I think he's gained all of 4 pounds in the whole last year. (For the record, he's 37 lbs and 41.5 inches tall.)

Soren was a superstar through his whole appointment. When it came time for inoculations, of which he needed 3, he gave a rather indignant "Ouch!" with each one, but didn't cry. He's quite pleased to know he doesn't have to have any more now until he's 10. I got him a soft serve cone from McDonald's afterward, as a treat for being so well-behaved. (Eleri got to try a few licks, as her behavior was also quite good, but getting one's ears checked isn't quite on par with getting vaccinated.)

We tried to return home, but found the front gate of our complex blocked and our building surrounded by police cars. There had been a couple of them parked there as we'd left for the doctor's office, but they appeared to have multiplied in our absence. There were also a couple of big tactical-looking panel trucks, and an ambulance. Plus at least 2 or 3 cops on motorcycles. A call to the Resident Services office revealed only a vague report of a "disturbance on the fourth floor," and supposedly we were free to go ahead inside if we wanted. It seemed like an awful lot of law enforcement personnel for a mere "disturbance" to me, and the panel trucks definitely gave me pause. ("What the hell, are there *hostage negotiations* going on in there?") So we turned tail and set out to kill some time, grab a little snack, hopefully return when the situation had been resolved.

When we came back an hour later, there seemed to be even more cop card there. I texted some friends about our predicament, not at all fishing for a dinner invitation, but happy to accept the one that did arrive. Particularly since Tom was going to be stuck at work late again. The kids were overjoyed to get an impromptu dinner with their buddy C, and by the time Tom got home, there was only one police car parked outside. Not sure what that was all about, but whatever.

And tomorrow we wrap up another week! Funny, it felt like a tough slog getting to Wednesday, and now here it is nearly the weekend again. Go figure.

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