Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hooray! Science! (and metro trains)

The various Johnson Family Plagues of the past week are, thankfully, on the way out. Cripes, that was unpleasant.

Last night I got to go riding for the first time since Easter. Yay! Twas nice to get back in the saddle again, and Vanya was a pretty good boy.

This morning I went to Zumba class, then hurried home so we could all rush out again. We headed to DC to check out the big Science and Engineering Festival. It was quite cool, and would have been super awesome if it weren't so damned crowded. There were a ton of very kid-friendly, hands-on exhibits and demonstrations. One of the highlights for Soren was a full size Magic School Bus; there was even a lady dressed up as Ms. Frizzle. Unfortunately, the line to actually get inside the school bus was insanely long, but it was still cool from the outside. The other big excitement for the lad was a chance to see Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage - the Mythbusters! - in person. They were giving a talk on one of the stages. I wasn't too surprised that there were too many people there for us to get a very good view, but I was bummed that we couldn't really hear much of anything either. So the kids (sitting on our shoulders) got to see them for a little bit, and then we took off. It's possible Soren and Eleri were more excited about getting to ride the metro than they were about the actual science expo, but that's okay too. ;)

In the evening, we took the weasels over to A's house and got to go have a dinner date. We went to Big Buns in Arlington, which, despite sounding like a specialty strip club, is actually a burger place. The burgers were pretty good, but sadly overcooked. BGR and Ray's Hellburger still serve up the best burgers in the area, I think. But dinner out is dinner out, and we had a nice time.

Soren & Eleri have developed a liking for the Bree Sharp song "America." It's pretty funny to hear them singing the chorus ("Ah-ooooooooooh America!"), and of course they ask to listen to it over and over. Better than Barney's Greatest Hits, for sure.

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