Friday, April 13, 2012

In which Soren haz a sad

This morning started like any other morning. The kids (both in our bed) woke up well before my alarm, and I tried desperately to coax just another half hour of sleep out of them. I failed, so up we got. Breakfast, clothes, potty, out the door and on the way to school.

And just like any other (school) morning, Soren kept up a steady stream of chatter from the back seat while I tried to catch bits of Morning Edition on the radio. We got to school - a few minutes late - and made a last trip to the bathroom before getting the lad signed in for the morning. Eleri sidled up to one of Soren's teachers and tried to join in with the other kids at morning table time while I helped Soren get his backpack and sweater hung up. He hesitated a minute when I asked if he wanted to remove his sweater, and then gave one big involuntary shudder when he took it off.

"Geez buddy, are you okay? Are you cold?"

"No. I'm fine!"

And off he went to play with playdough. I warned his teachers that his arms were still a little sore from getting vaccinated yesterday (foreshadowing!) but that he seemed fine otherwise. Good day to all, collect the El, head out for Friday coffee shop time.

I was about 20 minutes into my mocha (tomato & cheddar quiche having been rapidly dispatched shortly after arrival) when I got a buzz on my phone indicating I had a message. It hadn't rung, but the cell signal is quite weak in the coffee shop, so it must have skipped straight to voice mail. The message was from Soren's teacher.

Soren had, apparently, started shivering right after I'd left him, an had spent the next 20 or so minutes huddled on the lap of one of his teachers. Mrs. W didn't think he was necessarily sick, but also didn't think he was up to actually participating in class; she said he probably needed to spend the morning snuggled up on the couch.

Fortunately, my friend Carlota & I have our Friday coffee date at a place less than 5 minutes from the school, so I was able to leave Eleri with her and quickly go retrieve Soren. Poor dude had barely made it 40 minutes into his school day. When I got there, he was sitting at a table with Miss L, huddled and shivering, while the rest of the class had circle time. He looked utterly miserable, dull-eyed, so incredibly not himself. Nothing like the kid I'd left there half an hour earlier. And even as I picked him up and he melted into my arms, his eyes filled with tears as he told me he couldn't possibly miss playtime with his classmates. Poor little dude.

I carried him out to the car, told him we had to go pick up Eleri from the coffee shop, asked if there was anything he wanted to eat or drink. His voice was tiny, asking if I thought they would have any apple juice. I assured him they would and got him a bottle while I collected El and chugged the rest of my coffee. Of course, cold apple juice just made him shiver worse, *and* Eleri chose that moment to have a huge pee accident all over the floor, so I had Soren hold his hands on my warm coffee mug while I cleaned up the lass.

Carlota could also see the obvious difference in Soren, despite his insistence that he felt just fine, really, and needed to be taken back to school. At the suggestion that he should go home and nap all day, he gave kind of a disgusted, "No I won't!" I'm not sure how, but his forehead and chest were hot, while his nose and hands were freezing. We booked it out of there as soon as I got Eleri changed, and headed for home, where I promised him snuggles and Mythbusters.

El, for her part, was pretty good about the whole "chilling out on the couch" plan. She was wiggly at first, yes, but eventually she found some toys to play with and let me snuggle with the little sicky. Who promptly passed out midway through the episode and took a nice little nap.

Poor Soren. Ever since his first round of vaccinations as a little baby, he's always been susceptible to fevers as a reaction. Last year (or maybe the year before?) he got violent chills and spiked a 103 degree fever a couple of hours after getting his flu shot. This time though, he seemed 100% normal until something like 18 hours later, at which point he just went down like a ton of bricks. It's so strange.

Fortunately, the restorative powers of the Mythbusters (and yes, probably the nap as well...and the Motrin I'd given him when we got home) managed to perk him back up. He ate some lunch and started returning to himself by degrees rather quickly thereafter. By mid-afternoon he was begging to go to the park. I didn't think that was the smartest move, but I compromised and invited some friends over to hang out and help us finally start our indoor seeds. The kids had a great time planting and playing, and the moms had a nice visit too.

Modulo a dinnertime meltdown from Miss Ells (who ended up passing out on Tom after managing only half a bite of food), it was a pretty good rest of the day. Soren went to bed tired, and a little later than usual, but seeming generally okay. I'm hopeful that things will go a lot better for the little dude tomorrow.

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