Sunday, April 15, 2012

Little Zumba Foo Foo

I love blowing Soren's mind by joining in when he's singing some new song or reciting some rhyme he's learned at school. ("Yeah, the dish DID run away with the spoon! How did you know that?!") The other day, though, I got one of the song lyrics wrong. I learned that the good fairy from "Little Bunny Foo Foo" has apparently gone soft.

"I'll give you three chances, and if you don't behave, I'll turn you into a goon!"

"What?! No, no, no, Mommy. Not a goon. He gets turned into a duck."


Indeed, every time Soren sings the song, the field-mouse-bopping bunny (they did retain the violence of the song, it seems) is horribly chagrined to discover he's become a duck by the end. I find this strange. What's so objectionable about "goon"? And how does turning a rabbit into a duck teach him a lesson about leaving defenseless field mice alone? It's one thing to punish wicked behavior with an outward manifestation of inner wickedness, but simple prey-animal-to-prey-animal transfiguration? Doesn't track.

I will admit that it is entirely possible that I'm overthinking this whole thing. But anyway.

Yesterday Soren adapted the lyrics to make up his own silly verse.

Little Zumba foo foo
Getting some exercise
Leaving at 5 o'clock
So it can see its family

No goons there, but the kid is definitely a goof. ;)

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