Tuesday, April 03, 2012

River Farm

This morning we took our first trip of the year to River Farm. It was packed, which is not too surprising given that it's Spring Break and was a gorgeous day. But we slathered on the sunscreen and brought lunch, and the kids had a grand old time climbing and running amok. Some other people had brought bubble solution, which captivated Eleri & A for a good long while. Soren was busy playing firefighter, and policeman, and building a clubhouse. And I think he was a fisherman at some point too, maybe.

Eleri insisted on wearing Soren's bright red "Big Guy" t-shirt today. I pick my battles, and that one was not worth fighting, despite what the other parents at the park may have thought of me. ;)

We had another day free of potty-related accidents! After a disastrous bit of backsliding a couple of weeks ago, she's improving again. More importantly, she's starting - every once in a while - to tell ME that she needs to use the bathroom. (Most of the time it's still me reminding her to go.) Hopefully that means it's all about to click into place here pretty soon. Fingers crossed.

Soren's getting very excited about his birthday, coming up on Saturday. We're making preparations for his party, and he talks all the time about how he'll be 4 soon. It's pretty cute. A lot of the time, too, if he doesn't want to do something, he'll tell us, "I'll do it when I'm 4. Not right now." Goof ball.

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