Wednesday, April 25, 2012

She's on the board :) And he's puking again :(

I feel like I haven't written much lately about poor Eleri that doesn't involve potty training, but I'm hopeful that we're finally nearing the end of that saga. And then the constant updates on my children's bladder and bowel habits will be a thing of the past. Lucky you! Lucky me! I think we'll all rejoice.

After the big earning of the ice cream cone, her discipline slipped for a few days, so even though we've had her new sticker chart set up since Saturday, she was finally able to put her first sticker on it today. She's on the board! I hope this will be sufficiently motivating for her to keep trying. Fingers crossed!

So. Remember those jackhammers I was complaining about yesterday? They were back again this morning, no great surprise. So when my friend Carlota asked if we wanted to meet her & her kids for breakfast, we all got dressed & out of the house in record time to escape the godawful noise. Soren wasn't seeming quite himself upon waking, and sure enough, a few sips into his apple juice at Panera...yaaaaaack. Right there on the table. Poor kid. The kicker is that he'd been completely fine the whole day yesterday! Probably could have gone to school, no problem. Oy. Anyway, he was all right for the rest of this morning. Not his usual boisterous self, but not miserable either. We made a quick run to the store for some Pedialyte, and then I stopped at Carlota's house to pick up some paints I'd left there (intending to maybe chill with the kids at home this afternoon and do some painting to keep them entertained). We got back home just minutes before the jackhammerers went on lunch break, so we had a good 45 minutes of blissful silence. During which time Soren perked up and was back to his usual self again, as if nothing had happened. He was fine for the rest of the day.

So now I'm a little scared to send him to school tomorrow, since mornings seem to be his most fragile time, but keeping him home another day also seems like a silly choice. He'll probably be just fine. I'll have to see how he's acting first thing in the morning and make a decision then. Really hoping he wakes up bright eyed and bushy tailed.

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Aunt Amy said...

Poor guy!