Monday, April 23, 2012


Ugh, thanks a lot, weekend!

I began a slow descent into headcold crumminess on, I think, Thursday morning. By Saturday I was too congested to attempt Zumba. I did take Eleri out in the afternoon for ice cream & erranding, and we did some major rearrangement of the kids' room (ditched Eleri's bed, put her mattress under Soren's loft bed, pseudo-bunk-bed-style, got a bunch of new drawers & bins for their toys). El & I also went to the international grocery store in search of some Indian spices so we could make butter chicken for dinner. It was rather a bit hotter than I expected, but still pretty tasty. And as I told Tom, at least it cleared out my sinuses a bit.

Saturday night I took some Tylenol PM and basically blocked out the world until after 9am Sunday morning.

I awoke to discover Tom had some sort of stomach bug. A nasty one. He'd been up for hours already, completely miserable, and was in no condition to take Soren to soccer class. Eleri & I still forged ahead to her swimming lesson. She's no longer loving it quite as much as she did those first couple of weeks; mostly she objects to having to be on her back and gets pretty cranky after that part of the class. Oh well. Only two weeks left.

Poor Tom was pretty much out of it all day. I was still feeling crappy with my congested head, so it was a very low-key rest of the day. Dozing on the couch, maybe watching some TV, while the kids played. Soren was extraordinarily bummed that he didn't get to go anywhere all day, and I think that may have contributed to some not so great behavior later in the evening. Tom & I switched kids for bedtime, so that meant I was putting Eleri to bed for the first time in a while. And I completely failed. She's normally well asleep by about 8:20, and it was after 9:00 by the time I finally got her down. Bah.

And then around 1am this morning, Soren came padding into our room. I told him to go back to bed. He told me he couldn't because he'd spat on his hand. I didn't know what the heck he was on about, assumed he'd drooled or something, led him back to bed. At which point I discovered he'd puked all over his pillow. And his hand. Poor little dude. Got him cleaned up and re-settled on the couch, and he & I slept there for a little while. Fearing he'd caught whatever it was that Tom had yesterday, I kept him home from school this morning, even though he seems completely fine. Better a little disappointment and stir craziness at home than getting a call at 9:15 telling me he'd yarfed on a classmate.

And now it seems the apartment above ours is having some sort of renovation done, because someone has been jackhammering directly over my head for the last hour. This is just too much awesome for one day. I think I'm going to try my luck with these stir crazy little gits and go run a couple of errands.

Update: The jackhammering wasn't coming from overhead; it was coming from the parking garage. Way to go on the extreme conductivity of sound there, concrete! They kept at it until 4pm. It was awesome.

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