Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Springening

Spring has definitely arrived, here in Virginia. We had a few weeks there where it looked like we were going to skip it entirely, jumping straight from 40 degrees to 80. The cherry blossoms all did their cherry blossom thing super early, peaking well before the big festival (much to the chagrin, I'm sure, of the city's tourism office). But we've had a nice couple of weeks now in the 50-70 range, and everything is blooming and green and gorgeous.

Yesterday morning, we did our usual Wednesday walking, but since Spring Break means both K and I had two kids in tow, instead of one apiece, we met at her house and did our walk outside. (She has two double strollers, you see.) She also lives less than a mile from Lake Accotink Park, which has a lovely, wide, paved walking path through the woods, so we made our way over there. The path is bordered by lily of the valley and some pretty blue flower I didn't recognize. It was quiet out, except for the birds. Not yet muggy and hideous. It was a super nice walk.

After we finished walking, we were going to let the kids play on the playground for a bit, but some workers were laying down new mulch. They were spraying the mulch on the playground with a huge, fat hose. I'd never seen such a thing. Needless to say, the playground was closed, so we headed back to K's house and let the kids play there a little while. Then I took my weasels out to lunch at the new Noodles & Co (it's a chain, but I'd never eaten in one). While we were there, A's mom invited us to join them out at the rec center. So we did our grocering, then headed over to meet them & play some more.

In the evening, it was pony time for me. It's been staying light until about 7:30, so there was plenty of time for a trail ride with N. I hadn't been out on the trail in almost six weeks, and a lot has changed! Most of the muddy parts have dried up now, and the thick blanket of green undergrowth makes it look like we're riding through some sort of fairy forest. And like the walking path at Lake Accotink Park, there are pretty flowers everywhere. The only downside is the exploding gnat population; we were riding through clouds of them at several points, mostly down by the river. But it's a small price to pay for such a beautiful ride. Plus, with the ground so much drier, we were able to do a lot more trottingand cantering, plus a couple of (controlled) gallops, so we were able to cover a lot more ground in less time and get a really good ride in before the sun went down. It was a perfect way to wind down the day.

I have always said I like Autumn best of all. But this Spring, if it lasts more than a few weeks, just may give my favorite season a run for its money.


ml said...

Spring is hands down my favorite. May was always my favorite month in nc. Maybe it will be wonderful in dc too!

susan said...

I think by May the humidity's already started taking hold, here. The humidity I do not love, so much.