Tuesday, May 08, 2012

And so it goes

Taking a break from "all potty all the time" (I know, try to contain your disappointment) to write about something pretty cool.

My dad's side of the family is quite musical. All 3 of his sisters sang professionally at some point or another, and two of my cousins on that side are also talented musicians. When I was a young'un, my Aunt Colleen put together an album of kid music, songs she'd written & recorded herself. They were not your typical kid songs, especially not kid songs of the late 80s. Clever, silly but parent-friendly, great stuff. We listened to that cassette tape over, and over, and over. When Tom and the kids and I were in New York with my cousins this past Christmas, the three of us cousins busted out the chorus to one of Aunt Colleen's songs ("Egg Salad Sandwich") without so much as a moment's hesitation. Those lyrics were right there, two decades later.

(By the way, if there exists some sort of digital copy of that album, I'd love to get ahold of it.)

My cousin Shannon has one of her songs available on iTunes ("Centralia" - Shannon Kealey). Back when I was weaning Eleri, I used to play music on my iPod for her at bedtime, to help her settle and such. After a while I noticed that Shannon's song could fairly reliably soothe her and knock her right out, more so than pretty much anything else I played for her. Since then, she's learned to identify Centralia as "The Shannon," and just yesterday I heard her singing along with the song on the iPod for the first time. Not every word, of course, but good heavens was it adorable and awesome. There is something so incredibly cool about watching history repeat itself in a way, with the next generation.

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Anonymous said...

Yes it is...as we GREAT Grandparents can attest to. It is a great joy to SEE history repeat itself, thanks to your postings & pictures.xoxoxo