Sunday, May 20, 2012


Hello again. Sorry, I've got no idea where the past couple of weeks went. You know how it goes.

Well, okay, let me think. Week before last, we thought we might have been exposed to Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease at a playdate. Yikes! Not wanting to risk infecting others, we laid low for several days until I was sure we were past the incubation window. Fortunately, neither of the kids actually came down with anything, and Soren didn't have to miss any school. Phew! We've been up to our usual assortment of activities this past week (school, park, visiting friends, mall walk, errands). On the potty training front, Eleri's been accident-free for thirteen days! This is pretty excellent. She still does have the occasional "oops" (starts to have an accident, catches herself, makes it to the potty mostly in time), but I'll not complain about that. Yay Eleri!

On the 11th we had a Mother's Day Tea at Soren's school. Poor El was confined to the stroller in the corner of the classroom (this was two days after the Hand, Foot & Mouth exposure, and she'd developed a slight rash around her mouth the night before), but she was largely content to sit & play her iPod games. Soren & I shared some coffee cake and played with a couple of toys in the classroom, and all the kids had made crafts for us moms. It was sweet.

I've been tearing through books lately, relative to my sloth-like reading speed of recent years. I think I've finished 4 books in the past month, though admittedly, three of those were shortish works of fiction. I do really seem to get bogged down with the non-fiction stuff, but hey, I do what I can with limited time. Nothing quite like getting sucked into a story though. I've also been reading Farmer Boy (by Laura Ingalls Wilder) with Soren in the evenings. We usually do a chapter or two per night, and while I think it's probably still a wee bit beyond him, he seems to be enjoying it. I'm really quite excited to be entering the stage when we can read chapter books and series together. I fondly remember being read books a chapter or two at a time at bedtime; it was one of those things I looked forward to being able to do as a parent, and here we are. Pretty great. :)

I also picked up some Spanish language CDs (Pimsleur) from the library, and the kids & I have been listening to those in the car. That's been the source of much amusement, and the kiddos seem to be actually retaining bits & pieces. I don't think they're remembering much in the way of the meaning of the words, but the occasional "De donde?", apropos of nothing, is pretty hilarious.

Our balcony garden is looking quite good. I've got recent pictures which I will put up soon. Our herb seeds are stubbornly refusing to sprout (except for the basil), so that's a little frustrating, but everything else seems to be growing well. Now if we can just stave off a bug attack like last year's, we'll be in good shape to have a bunch of delicious stuff.

One last little thing and then I'm off to bed. Tom & I got married six years ago today. Soren went with me yesterday to buy a card for Tom, and Soren insisted on getting one too. I think he was expecting a party or something (he's been introduced to the concept of birthday parties this year, so he seems to think every celebratory occasion needs to be accompanied by a party). Hehe. Sorry, kid. It was a nice mellow day. I'm awfully lucky to have found someone with whom I'm so well matched.

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