Saturday, June 23, 2012

Busy Week

It was *hot* this week. We made two trips to the pool and one to the spray park. This afternoon we were at the pool for more than two hours. It's such a simpler endeavor than last year. No swim diapers to deal with (huzzah!) and both kids are big enough for floaty vests, so I don't have to be within arm's reach at all times (which is more work than you'd think in 2 feet of water). It's lovely. Not having babies anymore definitely has its perks.

Yesterday I thought we'd try to get to the spray park right when it opened. It seemed like the best option for avoiding having to stand in line. Unfortunately, I was dead wrong, and we ended up having to wait a good 15 or 20 minutes to get in, which really wasn't all that bad in the grand scheme of things, but if we'd just waited until about an hour after opening, there would have been no line at all. Lesson learned! The kiddos had a good time though. That spray park really is an excellent resource.

After the spray park I took the little weasels to get smoothies for lunch (it really was a scorcher of a day), and then later in the afternoon we had a library program to attend. The program was called "Creature Teacher," and there was a presentation with live animals. There was a chinchilla, a milk snake, a tarantula, a Patagonian cavy, a chameleon, and a hedgehog. The program lasted a bit over an hour, with rather a bit more talking than was really ideal for the younger kids in the crowd. Some very interesting information about the animals, but it would have been better suited to maybe ages 7 and up. Ah well. At the very end though, the lady got the chinchilla & hedgehog back out, and the kids got to pet them. Both Soren and Eleri were super stoked and wanted to stay and stay and stay. So in the end, at least, I think they probably felt more positive than negative about the whole endeavor.

This afternoon it was back to the pool, where we hung out for over 2 hours. There were some complaints about getting out of the pool to go home & make dinner, but not 2 minutes after I coaxed them over to the towels, there was a roll of thunder and the pool had to be shut down anyway, so it was just as well. And then not entirely my fault that we had to leave. ;)

Sadly, assurances that "we'll be back to the pool many MANY more times this summer" are not particularly persuasive to 2 and 4 year-olds who just want to play more NOW, but hopefully with sufficient repetition it'll get easier to leave the pool eventually. Maybe. I can hope.

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