Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flying high

I got to have a jumping lesson this evening on Petey, the fancy Trakehner N has been leasing. He's a very talented horse who seems to really enjoy jumping, even though he hasn't done a ton of it yet. He's the first horse I've ridden in a looong time (and one of a handful of horses *ever*) where it feels like he barely has to try when we're clearing 3' fences. On his back I'm flying; it's a feeling I've missed quite a lot.

Petey was a tremendously good sport this evening because it was HOT out. And muggy. And also because I'm sorely out of practice and made all kinds of stupid mistakes that he had to deal with. But deal with them he did, and gamely. By the end of our lesson we were both dripping sweat, but happy. I wish he and I were going to have more time together; alas, he's going back to his owner's after this week.

Tonight's was my second, and most likely final, jumping lesson on this talented horse. Here are a couple of short video clips from my first jumping lesson (taken a few weeks ago).

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ACJC said...

Sorry I missed your call. Glad you're enjoying jumping. He makes me think of Peter Pan :)