Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy birthday to me!

Well, I'm now officially a thirty-something. Thirty-one: so far, so fun! Or something. ;)

Tom got me a brand new iPod touch, which is super awesome. It has the front & rear cameras, so I can even more easily take & post photos & videos on the go. Sweet! He also made me a super tasty cake. Yay cake!

In the afternoon yesterday, I got to have one last trail ride with N before Petey left to go back to his owner's. Both horses had been in their stalls since Tuesday (both had thrown shoes, and the farrier wasn't available until Sunday afternoon), so they were rarin' to go when we took them out. It was not, perhaps, the most relaxing ride ever, but it was nonetheless a good one.

I picked up a movie on the way home (free rental from Redbox, whee!). We watched Tower Heist, which was better than either of us anticipated. Always nice to be pleasantly surprised by a movie.

All told, twas a fine day. Here's to another year. :)

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