Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ten Years

In July of 2002, I had a major crush on a boy. A "drive 360 miles round trip on the weekend just to hang out" level crush. Major.

After several weekends of visiting, I finally summoned the courage to ask him on a proper date, to a concert. He agreed, and on July 26, 2002, we went to see Ben Kweller at the Roxy in Los Angeles. My Morning Jacket was the opening band, and old James Bond movies were playing (without sound) on TVs hung on the walls of the club throughout the concert. Odd, but memorable. After the show, we didn't quite want the date to end, so we went for a midnight snack at Donut Man in Glendora.

Must have been a good date. A decade later, we still listen to Ben Kweller together, sometimes. Only now, our kids listen with us. ;)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Spray park failboat

Yesterday we got to meet Tom for lunch, which is always nice. It was a hot day (the mildness of last week has taken its leave of us, and we're back to temperatures in the upper 90s), so I thought we might try to head over to the spray park in the afternoon. By the time I got my act together & got us all out of the house, it was after 3:30. I figured the kids would still get a good 30-45 minutes of play time in before we had to return home to make dinner.

About a mile from the spray park, I saw this up ahead.

Thar be thunderheads. Ruh roh.

I crossed my fingers and hoped any storming would hold off or skirt around us. It seemed for a little bit that we might be lucky. All the water things were on and spraying when we arrived, so there hadn't already been any thunder. We parked and started making our way to the front gate.

Drip. Drip-drip. Drip.

A little rain had started while we were walking. No big deal. We were going to a spray park, after all. We got to the front gate and were welcomed by the lifeguard sitting there.


Up came a huge gust of wind, catching the umbrella attached to the little entry gate podium thing and blowing the whole thing toward us. Well, toward me (the kids were on my other side). The lifeguard caught it and collapsed the umbrella. Two other lifeguards came walking over, saying they'd heard thunder. Great. That meant the spray park would be closed for 30 minutes, at least. Figures. I had to pee, so I shoved the kids toward the restroom before we could get kicked out of the spray park.

While we were in the restroom, the rain kicked into high gear and started coming down in buckets. We finished up and booked it back to the car. I suppose the kids got their water fun after all. I, however, had not planned on the thorough drenching I received.

In case you can't tell, there's still a tiny dry patch there under my armpit. That was it.

We couldn't really wait around for half an hour, then have enough time to play for any reasonable amount of time before we'd have to head home and make dinner, so we got on our way. Sorry, kiddos.

On the bright side, someone got what was probably a much-needed nap on the ride home.


She must have been really tired. I carried her upstairs and she still kept right on snoozing.

Got a bit of a "passed out teen starlet" thing going on, with those diva glasses ;)

Anyway. We'll try again later in the week, I'm sure.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Regularly Scheduled Programming

Mom headed back home on Saturday, and we've been getting back to our usual routine since then. We had a great rest of the visit, though! It was quite hot outdoors, so we made a lot of indoor fun. Monday we took the kids to meet some friends at the mall play area, grabbed sushi for lunch, made pasta salad for dinner. Tuesday we went to the spray park. Wednesday was the 4th of July, so Tom had the day off, and the five of us went to the pool in the afternoon. Thursday evening Soren and Mom came out to the barn with me, and Soren got to take a little ride on Vanya. He was very thrilled. And cute.

Friday we went to Ray's to the Third for lunch (delicious burgers and "adult" milkshakes) and then went to another sprayground afterward to cool off. While we were there, a cameraman from PBS News Hour stopped by, working on a story about the heat. He took some footage that included our kids, but our Tivo failed to cooperate when I tried to record the program that night, so I have no idea if it aired. Oh well. I got some video. (I am loving my new iPod.)

Saturday morning, Mom & Soren went to a kids' workshop class at Home Depot while I went to Zumba. (They're in the same shopping center.) We took Mom to the airport a few hours later. The kids were glum, but we picked up smoothies for lunch, which cheered them a wee bit. We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing and avoiding the end of the heat wave. We were greeted by rain and a 15 degree drop in temperature on Monday. Yay!

Monday Eleri had her 2 1/2 year doctor visit. Soren insisted on doing everything first (weighing, measuring, getting his heart listened to), so El could see there was nothing to be worried about. She didn't even need any shots this time, but she was still very quiet and serious. And nervous. But well behaved. At 30 pounds and 36.75 inches tall (66th and 81st percentiles, respectively), she's exactly 6 pounds lighter and 6 inches shorter than her brother. Pretty crazy! After the appointment we did some grocery shopping and spent the afternoon at A's house, playing and visiting.

Tuesday morning both kids had appointments to get their teeth cleaned. Again, Soren went first. Last time, they didn't have appointments on the same day, and when it was Eleri's turn, Soren was at preschool, and she was not okay with any of it. I ended up having to hold her on my lap in the exam chair. This time though, with big brother leading the way, she was coaxed into sitting by herself and ended up behaving beautifully for the hygienist and dentist. I was very proud of her. Soren, also, had his first set of dental x-rays taken. He was a trooper, clearly having trouble holding the x-ray film things in his mouth and definitely having trouble staying still. It was almost like an Abbott & Costello sketch or something. Each time the assistant got him set up and tried to step out to press the button, he'd move, or open his mouth, and she'd have to start all over again. Eventually it took 2 assistants to get the job done, but they managed! We got to see the x-rays of his permanent teeth growing in (nice and straight, though a bit crowded on the bottom, no great surprise), so that was really cool.

Afterward, we went to lunch at Cafe Rio. I'd never heard of it before, but my friend Sarah recommended it. Free kids' quesadillas, and $1.50 tacos on Tuesdays! And they hand-make all their tortillas. It was pretty good! We met up with a group of friends (4 moms, 7 kids total) and all the wee ones behaved quite well overall. After lunch, half the group headed home for naptime, and A's mom and I took our kids over to the park to run around some more. We went back to Bluemont Park, which was shockingly empty, for such a nice day. I guess there's just not so much of a crowd there after lunchtime? In any event, the kids had fun playing and playing. At one point they were all in the sand pit, and Eleri was just covered with fine white sand. She looked like she'd been baking. Messily.

Today was a return to mall walk. Then a library program (bilingual song & dance program, English & Spanish), grocery shopping, lunch, then over to the other library to drop off books there & pick up a few more. Soren is absolutely hooked on the Nate the Great series these days. He reads them all by himself, too, which is excellent. After we got home from the second library he just settled himself on the couch and read, silently, for a good half hour. It was awesome! Eleri had a rough day, unfortunately. She'd awakened way earlier than usual and was very tired and fragile for the rest of the day, as a result. Very volatile moods - smiling and laughing, sobbing and wailing, back to giggling, all in a matter of minutes sometimes. Oy. I'm hoping she sleeps better tonight/tomorrow morning.

Whew. I think that catches us up. Next to get caught up on pictures. ;) I have tons to share. Tons! Check for them on Flickr later this week, and keep checking the kids' YouTube page for new videos.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Grandma Standard Time

My mom arrived Thursday afternoon, and it's been nearly nonstop Grandma Time here ever since. Lots of fun games happening, all day long. :) Which is good, since it's been brutally hot outside, and we would have been completely stir crazy with only our usual indoor diversions to entertain us. Having someone else around is like having an indoor diversion expansion pack. ;)

Friday night we had a tremendously intense storm. Very windy, rapid-fire lightning, buckets of rain. We have been extremely fortunate not to have lost power at all, as a result of the storm. Something like half a million people in the greater metro area did not fare so well. Some are expected not to have power restored for a week or more! I can hardly imagine.

Saturday night we met Alice, her friend, and Max at The Pig for dinner. Once again, a fabulous meal was had. That place is really, really outstanding. Lunch today was provided by BGR: The Burger Joint. Also delicious, as always. I must say, I really do think one of the major advantages of having out of town visitors is having an excuse to eat extra-tasty food from places you don't often get to go. And the week's just getting started. ;)