Sunday, July 01, 2012

Grandma Standard Time

My mom arrived Thursday afternoon, and it's been nearly nonstop Grandma Time here ever since. Lots of fun games happening, all day long. :) Which is good, since it's been brutally hot outside, and we would have been completely stir crazy with only our usual indoor diversions to entertain us. Having someone else around is like having an indoor diversion expansion pack. ;)

Friday night we had a tremendously intense storm. Very windy, rapid-fire lightning, buckets of rain. We have been extremely fortunate not to have lost power at all, as a result of the storm. Something like half a million people in the greater metro area did not fare so well. Some are expected not to have power restored for a week or more! I can hardly imagine.

Saturday night we met Alice, her friend, and Max at The Pig for dinner. Once again, a fabulous meal was had. That place is really, really outstanding. Lunch today was provided by BGR: The Burger Joint. Also delicious, as always. I must say, I really do think one of the major advantages of having out of town visitors is having an excuse to eat extra-tasty food from places you don't often get to go. And the week's just getting started. ;)


B.K. said...

I really want to go to the Pig now. Amazing!

susan said...

The Pig is sooooo gooooood. Seriously.