Friday, September 14, 2012

Backstory to a tweet

When we watched the Olympics last month, Soren was straight-up fascinated by Oscar Pistorius. ("When do I get to have awesome legs like those?!")

While I was at Zumba earlier this evening, Tom & the kids watched some Paralympic coverage we still had stored on the TiVo. Among the events presented was the 400m race that Pistorius won. It sparked the following conversation.

Tom: Do you remember watching that man run in the other Olympics?
S: But how did he be in the regular Olympics too?
T: Well, he practiced and practiced until he was basically the fastest man in South Africa.
S: But when can I be the fastest man in North America?!

All plaintive-like. Silly boy.

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MCSquared said...

I can't seem to read that plaintively with the interobang at the end of the sentence.