Sunday, September 23, 2012

The kids' latest music recommendations

Somehow it's happened. My kids have discovered pop music, through no fault of mine. *cough*Tom*cough* They've both taken a liking to that "Call Me, Maybe" song, which I'm neither going to embed nor link to here. Anyway, from watching that video on YouTube and clicking sidebar links to other videos, they've discovered the band Owl City, which I find myself kind of digging. Here are three videos of theirs (equally beloved by the kids, but posted here in order of my personal preference).

It's not all pop music around here just yet. (Whew.) Soren's also enamored of Orthodox Jewish rapper Matisyahu, particularly this track.

And we've been hearing quite a bit lately of this one from The Dandy Warhols. (They particularly love the "woo-oo-ooooo"s.)

I introduced them to the soundtrack of the first X-Files movie a month or so ago, and now anytime we're in the car, Eleri begs to hear this on a continuous loop. So I can't say I disapprove entirely of her taste in music. ;)

Anyhow. That's what we've been listening to around here these days.

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Anonymous said...

They also seem to like the Grateful Dead, the Shins, and the Fruit Bats, because of me. I think there's another one I'm forgetting.