Monday, October 08, 2012

Coming Attractions

Perhaps if I put my intentions in print, I'll actually follow through on them. Worth a shot, anyway. ;)

Stuff to post about soon(ish):

1. I am handy! I built bookshelves for the kids' room and converted their old bookcase into a nifty coat-backpack-and-shoe-storage-thingamajig. (Thank you Pinterest for the inspiration.)

2. Balcony Garden, Year 3: The Year of the JalapeƱo.

3. We've been house hunting for about a month. It's been consuming rather a lot of our time and energy, of late.

4. I've incorporated part-time veganism into my dinner planning. And I've actually been pretty good about advance meal planning (a week at a time) for a couple of months now. It's so helpful.

5. I have really fallen down on my job as the family photographer. Need to get my camera out every day again. But! I've been better about catching at least a few videos of the kids per week. So I suppose it's a trade-off. Shouldn't have to be, though. In any event, some photo and video posts are way overdue.

6. We did some fun stuff at the end of summer, right before school started up again. There was a zoo trip, a couple of birthday parties, probably something else I'm forgetting. I do have pictures though. Need to process & post them.

All right. That oughta at least do for starters. Hopefully I can work my way through this list in the near future.

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