Sunday, November 04, 2012

Fall Back

[obligatory griping-about-the-time-change post]

Used to be, I whined about setting the clocks forward in the spring for Daylight Saving Time. Especially when I was getting up early enough for work that that hour meant the difference between waking up with the sun and waking up in the dark. Setting the clocks back an hour in the autumn was great. Especially those first few days of feeling like you get an extra hour of sleep in the morning.

Since having kids, however, all time changes are crummy. In the spring I have the same DST-related complaints as before, and now at this time of year, I have two little beasts whose internal body clocks pay no heed to the glorious gift of that extra hour of sleep in the morning. Le sigh.

[/obligatory griping-about-the-time-change post]

Fall is here though, no doubt about it. And though I think Arizona's got the right idea about saying "To hell with these blasted time change shenanigans!" I am still a big fan of this time of year. Fall indeed remains my favorite of the seasons. The air is crisp and fresh and cool, providing ample opportunity for the wearing of sweaters and the consumption of hot beverages. The leaves (around here anyway) are quite a sight to behold. And yes, I was complaining rather a bit on Friday when I took the kids to play outside and stupidly neglected to grab myself a jacket, or gloves, or a hat, to protect me against the blustery afternoon, but I'll chalk it up to the usual seasonal change boneheadedness (I do the same thing at the beginning of summer too). I know I'll be better prepared next time.

Anyway. Hello again, Fall. So nice to see you there. (Even if my weasels insist on waking me at 6am to greet you.)

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