Sunday, November 25, 2012

Memory Dump

I need to write, but haven't. It has been a gloriously long 4-day weekend here (the first we've had in a good while). There are still a few remaining spanakopita left over from Thanksgiving. Tom and the kids brought home a Christmas tree yesterday, which we've set up indoors for the first time. Alas, it does not smell as strongly as would be ideal, but it's faintly piney and very pretty, all decked. The cats have largely left it alone, though the kids (especially Eleri) have had to be reminded repeatedly not to mess with it. I sure like having it here, though.

We're waiting to close on our new house. We were all set to sign the papers a little over a week ago, and then there was an 11th hour paperwork problem on the seller's end that necessitated pushing back our closing date by almost a month. Ah well. "Hurry up and wait" is still perhaps better than "keep looking, fruitlessly." It's a nice place. A two-level townhouse close to metro, in a quiet neighborhood. And it has oodles of storage, and I mean oodles. And 4 bedrooms (so any potential visitors should take note and consider themselves welcome).

I've gone through a bunch of photos that have been languishing on the computer, some of them since July. I've done a terrible job this year of keeping up with daily photos of the kids, but I suppose that's the way it goes. I'll endeavor to do better, as always. I've actually found myself missing my camera lately, which is in itself rather telling as to how infrequently I've picked it up, in recent days. The iPod is a somewhat satisfactory substitute (I do like the ability to take and upload video on the fly), but not enough to really justify not using the "real" camera more than a few times a month.

Tom and the kids have been suffering from a bit of a headcold this past week. Soren was the last to fall, and boy howdy. His tendency to rub his face on his shirtsleeve has resulted in a super-sad nose and pair of cheeks. Mostly he's not been especially afflicted by any more bothersome symptoms than a runny nose, though, so that's pretty good. Eleri was a little fragile and feverish for a few days, but she seems to be doing better. I figure I'll finally get hit with it tomorrow, once Tom goes back to work. Murphy's Law and all that.

Mostly, though, things are good. Soren's doing well in school. (Not that we are concerned with "academic progress" in preschool, but Tom and I are both glad he is enjoying himself.) Eleri's working hard at sounding out words and continuing to enjoy learning sign language. Soren actually signed a full sentence at me the other day, unprompted. We've established (and tried to enforce) a rule that talking with one's mouth full is verboten, but signing is permitted, and Soren signed (with his mouth full of food) asking for some water. I was pretty impressed.

Not much horsing for me lately, but plenty of Zumba. I never would have predicted I'd enjoy that as much as I do, but there it is. My friend N may be close to finalizing the purchase of a second horse though, so there may be more opportunity for me to ride again in the near future. I do miss it, though I've been so busy lately that the missing has not been so acute. It helps, I suppose, to know that the opportunity is there if I really, really want it.

I guess that's it for now. Memory dump complete.

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