Wednesday, January 02, 2013

52 Weeks Around the House

Much as I enjoy the photo-a-day challenges, they are really hard to keep up with. And since I've fallen way, way out of the habit of taking pictures every day, I'd like to ease back into the swing of things with a photo-a-week project. And what might be the theme of this project? Why, our new house seems like an excellent photography subject. I'll try to capture details and overviews, the interesting and the mundane, hopefully at least a couple of months of considered composition before it devolves into the inevitable "gah, it's Sunday night and I haven't taken a picture for the week, here's a light switch." Hehe.

Anyway! Here's a photo I took on New Year's Eve. Call it Week 0 or a preview or what have you. This is part of the wall I painted in the kids' room.

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