Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Back to the real world

Tomorrow we return to our regularly-scheduled programming. Even though we didn't travel at Christmastime this year, it's still felt like we've been a bit removed from reality. Turns out that moving while stumbling through the fog of a massive head-cold can make you feel more than a little out of place. ;) But here we are in 2013, and tomorrow we get back to business.

Bright and early, the kids and I will have our first commute to preschool from this house. I really, really hope I don't sleep through my alarm. I know Soren's excited about getting back to school. He's been going a little bit stir crazy these past several days. Eleri too, though less so, I think. Not that I can blame the poor kiddos. It has, however, been extraordinarily helpful to be able to send them into the backyard to play. They will happily ride their trike and scooter out there on the deck in the cold until their noses and fingers are frozen. (They also get into plenty of trouble, digging in the planters and playing with the hose. Ahem.) But since we've basically quarantined ourselves this past week, the kids have been somewhat wanting for social interaction, so I'm sure that school for Soren and mall walk for Eleri (and me) will be most welcome diversions.

For my part, I'm looking forward to hopefully getting back to Zumba tomorrow night. It's been over two weeks! I'm probably going to be woefully out of shape, but it will be good to get back out there. I'm glad I finally feel well enough to go. Stupid cold.

Tomorrow I also hope to unveil a new photo project for the year. Nothing crazy ambitious, but something to get me back into the swing of taking pictures more regularly again. So stay tuned for that.

G'night. :)

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